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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You're All A Bunch of Liars!!

That title goes out to everyone who told me that I'd be soooo glad we did tubes and that I'd have a different baby that afternoon, and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. We had Miller's tubes put in December 17. By January 6th they were both clogged and infected. Poor kid, it was finally her turn to get the cold that everyone in our family has had and I just kept telling myself "at least I know that her ears aren't infected, we're not going to the doctor, it's JUST a cold!" After two or three days of fever I finally went in to be sure she didn't have an upper respiratory infection only to be told her ears looked terrible. We finished our 10 days of antibiotics Thursday, Saturday she woke up with 102.6 fever, and Sunday we went in to find out that, yet again, a tube was clogged! More antibiotics and a 3rd trip to the ENT today and I got to have the icing on the cake- they strapped my baby to a board, put a small funnel in her ear, and began pulling out crud while she screamed and fought the restraints with all her might. It was quite possibly the worst thing I have had to do as a parent. So, now we do 3-4 drops in the affected ear for FOURTEEN days and go back to the ENT in three weeks. Let's just say, I'm less than thrilled with this "magical" procedure.

Also, I'm just kidding- I don't really think everyone's a liar. I'm just frustrated that my kid's the one in a thousand whose ear crud is too thick to pass through a tube and I'm really tired of having a sick baby! :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Miller's First Christmas


T-Rex (and Dad) terrorizing Wilson's new Hot Wheels city

Wilson testing out all the features

Miller giving her first baby doll a ride in the new stroller that Santa left for her
She's also sporting her first birthday bib that was in her stocking - she kept leaning her head over on it saying "DUB" (which means love") It is VERY soft.

I'll just "check the specs on the rotary girder . . ."

Jack enjoying his loot

A little sibling "merriness"
Celebrating with the Wilsons:

Celebrating with the Ethridges:

Even Santa can't resist infomercials

Cousin Adam
Cousin Matthew & Miller

Miller testing out her new tea set