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2 Peter 3:18

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Our Newest News

In case we haven't told you in person already- we are expecting Baby number 2! What a great mother's day surprise for our family. Of course, the day would have been better if Wilson and I hadn't had the stomach virus, but I'm sure when I'm feeling better, I'll hardly remember the yucky parts (then again, maybe not, we'll see). I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and she went on and did a sonogram to be sure that all the aches and pains I'd been having were in fact due to the virus, and all looks well. I've attached the photo. There's an arrow pointing to the little peanut, although I'm not sure why that black void is the baby and the other one's aren't. But if doc & sono tech are happy, I'm happy!

Wilson is pretty excited. He wavers back and forth between sister and brother. Yesterday he decided that Jack is his brother so now he needs a sister. The dog was less than thrilled- he claims no relation. This morning he said he wanted to love the baby, so he put his head on my stomach and then gave it a kiss! I couldn't believe he even thought to do that. I also just moaned that mama's tummy hurts and he leaned over on me and said poooooor mama. I could get used to the sympathy!!

Dad has also been quite the super hero the last few days. Helping clean up after Wilson and the products of a toddler having the stomach virus while also keeping a close eye on his wife who's equally sick and pathetic. Poor guy- maybe he'll get to move out of the guest bed before we have to take it down for the baby bed!

I thought the ticker was appropriate since Phil has always claimed that he hatched.

When I went to put this photo back on the fridge after scanning it last night, I put it under a magnet right by one of my favorite pictures of Wilson. And then it just kind of hit me- I HAVE TWO CHILDREN. WOW- what an awesome responsiblity. I suppose the Lord only gives us what we can handle (I also suppose that's why he's placed me in a town with 4 grandparents & 7 great-grandparents!)

A Trip to See our Cousin, Baby Adam

Last weekend Wilson and I went up to Franklin, TN to visit Phil's brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. We had a great time! Wilson was a super trooper in the car- I rarely heard a word out of him other than quoting movie lines or to let me know that he needed to make a pit stop. When we got there, Uncle Andy greeted Wilson with a remote control truck- WOW- what fun! We also went the zoo and to their science museum. We had a great time catching up and the boys actually had fun playing together a couple of times!! Following are a few pictures of the highlights.

Aunt Ashley is HA-larious!

Goldfish are much better when shared

(and while wearing coordinating Hula shirts!)

Playing trains

Playing with magnetic shapes

Wilson, Maggie, and Adam dancing

Controlling the train

Aunt Ashley & Wilson taking a ride on the Magic School Bus

Riding on the Carousel

Ashley & Adam on the carousel

Uncle Andy- You're the coolest!