Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ
2 Peter 3:18

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life goes on . . .

Well, my day was going along just swimmingly. The beds were made, Wilson & I were bathed and dressed, the sink was clean, and laundry was drying in the dryer. We left to eat lunch and run some errands. I forwent my usual #5 at Chick fil A and got the healthier caesar wrap and diet lemonade. Wilson played in the place without crying and left without crying. We then went to 3 other stores (well past his nap time) and made some huge accomplishments without either of us melting down. I found the perfect foundation garment that I've been looking for- a tank top body suit to wear with all these low rise jeans that we're now forced to wear. Something to cover my fanny and it's stretch marks that are always hanging out the back. Can't tell you how thrilled I was to finally find this little item- as an added bonus it holds in the roll at the waist and it was on sale. I also picked up some hangers at Target so that I can finish my ironing and hang up the rest of Phil's clothes. I found an ostrich feather duster that the Flylady recommends- I'm adding a link to her site on the side bar, she's an amazing find if you're domestically challenged like me. I came home to find that it works really well, and Jack doesn't think it's MADE of ostrich feathers- he thinks it IS an ostrich. He is currently laying in the kitchen, panting his heart out, with the duster cornered on the kitchen table- whew, we're all safe. Wilson fell asleep on the way home, so it was no challenge to get him down for a nap. So, I sat down to check all my pal's blogs. Do you ever get lost on a blog rabbit trail. You know, you go to check up on your best friends, you leave a comment somewhere and realize that someone you haven't heard from in years also left a comment, so you click on them, find a link to their little sister's blog and pretty soon you're looking at pictures of people you've never met! Well this happened this afternoon. I got to a blog and the following video was playing.
It took about 2 seconds for me to realize that the girls are dancing their hearts out in the foyer of my former home- the Kappa Delta house at Mississippi State! It was so fun to see, then so incredibly depressing. Here I was all pumped up about a FOUNDATION GARMENT to hold my hiny in, while they are probably trying to figure how to show more of theirs off. And I say go ahead, girls. It's only been . . . let's see . . . oh dear god, it's been six years since I was in college! These kids aren't even old enough to have seen Growing Pains (the theme song they're dancing to) live- they've only seen reruns. Oh well, go ahead girls your cute figure will be gone soon enough. I'm thinking about letting Jack have a turn at the ostrich, maybe Patsy, the KD maid, will come down and do some alumnae work!
I'd like to say that Wilson's smile and "mama, member, blocks (some stamps that we got at Hobby Lobby) in car, let's getum" as he woke up and the fact that Jack still has the feather duster cornered would be enough to make me smile, but right now, girls, I'm think we need to have an emergency Mom's Night out 3 weeks early. And we will get there before 7 this time so we can get our 2 for 1's!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Play Time

Just in case it's been awhile since you've been part of a playdate between a couple of two year olds, I thought I'd share the below video of Nathan and Wilson playing together. If I suddenly am unable to blog any more due to computer problems, you'll now know why!

Papa's Birthday

Here are some pictures from Wilson's great-granddaddy's birthday. It was a great time made even more special since Wilson's great-uncle Bruce was able to be down from Chicago for the celebration.

High-fiving with Uncle Brad

Construction movies (see the dancing video below) are even better on Paw's new big TV

Happy Birthday, Papa!

Uncle Bruce is the coolest- he brought me a bag of rocks all the way from Chicago. For some reason airport security thought this was odd!


Last week Phil and I had a wonderful little retreat from the day to day. We drove to Savannah, GA last Monday and came home on Friday. We had a great time sleeping late, roaming around the city, and eating some great food! Below are a few pictures:

This is Chippewa Square, where Tom Hanks sat as Forrest Gump waiting on the bus.

This is the Griffin- one of our favorite little spots to eat. It's a pharmacy turned tea room by the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Fort Pulaski- built by Robert E Lee and used in the Civil War (it was VERY bright this day- I had to really work with the contrast and get rid of the color to get anything to show up)

Here's a little gator we stumbled upon at Pulaski, maybe if there had been a few more of these, Lee wouldn't have had so much trouble with the Yankees!

While we were gone, Wilson stayed with his Uncle John, Granna, and aunt Suzanne, who came down to help out because Big Daddy had to be out of town. I don't think he even knew we were gone. What do you think? (these are all scans of photos- the color's a little off on these, too):

Wilson & Granna

Wilson testing out Granna's new urns

Wilson and Suzanne

Granna walked in to find the above scene. Wilson decided he needed a better view of the TV, so he drug his high chair into the den from the kitchen

Pee-pie, Granna!

Friday, February 02, 2007


Here's the video of Wilson dancing from two posts ago that I couldn't get to upload. Enjoy!


Today was a pretty fun day as far days go around here. We woke up and decided that we should go for a pre-mom-&-dad-leaving-town-for-a-week check up. A couple weeks ago Wilson came down with basically a head infection- with sinuses, eyes, & an ear being effected. All that cleared up just about as quickly as it came on but he has been left with a cough that has just gotten worse. Diagnosis- the sinus infection just hasn't cleared up. Nothing a little antibiotic, a cherry sucker, and 2 Sesame Street stickers can't cure. Our best pal, Nathan's, little brother was feeling a little under the weather. So, since we all had to miss playgroup this morning we took some Chick-Fil-A over to their house for lunch. At one point we noticed that the older boys were playing surprisingly quite well for a change. We had not had any reports of a car being stolen or a "that's my's" being yelled from Nathan's room (a popular phrase of both the boys & a testimate to how early one's piers have an affect on a child- they both say "my's") They were actually on the floor PLAYING TOGETHER! In hind sight, Jamie and I should have grabbed the keys and the baby and ran- ANYWHERE. Two two year olds playing together is no small feat. Next, we heard the two just dying out laughing, then there would be a pause and then more laughter- which as any mom knows, means there's trouble just mere feet away. This puts you in a huge moral quandary- you're dying to know what in the world is so funny, but you don't really want to see it. You know they're actually having a good time without you and you don't want to interrupt, but you know whatever is so fun, also probably calls for disciplinary action. We sat for a while and listened to the laughter until we just couldn't take it anymore. We had to see. What we found were two boys learning and perfect many age appropriate skills. Basically they had invented a game (skill learned: intelligence, creativity, ingenuity). They were taking turns (skill learned: manners, working well with others) throwing anything they could get there hands on (skill mastered: being 2) and then dying out laughing (skilled mastered: being all boy, destruction is F-U-N). The floor was covered in train tracks, hotwheels, books, puzzle pieces and miscellaneous pieces of wall art (that were apparently prizes for the best throws). On a side note- the smell when you walked in the room would have knocked you over. This game apparently takes away the knowledge that you are supposed to "you know what" on the potty. So we had to clear a path large enough to lay the boys down and change them. They looked each other in the eye and began to chant in a sing songy way "I stinky, I stinky, I stinky. Mamma clean it up, Mamma clean it up!"(skill mastered: being all boy, destruction is F-U-N, boys make dirt & spew it everywhere [Chop we were right all along!] & if you're cute enough, your mom'll clean up anything) We also taught Nathan that you don't have to take a nap right after lunch, 2:00 will do just fine (hopefully his mamma won't hate me for this little life lesson). It actually worked out quite well for me. Wilson fell asleep in the car on the way home, mumbled his mantra "watcha movie" as I put him in his bed, then slept for about an hour. He woke up, came in my room, got in my bed, and slept for about another hour. Then woke up got in my lap and slept for another 30 minutes or so while I talked to Aunt Ash. We topped the day off by going over to Granna and Big Daddy's for the evening. I let them & the dogs finish him off. He was asking to put his pajamas on and get in his bed when we got home and happily only read one book. We said prayers and I tucked him in and left the room without so much as a "say prayers" "read 'bout Jesus" or "mamma lay side you" (roughly translated, pray about everything I've come in contact with over the last two years, read a Bible story- an excellent stall tactic, what mother is going to say "no, we're not reading any more about Jesus, now go to sleep" and lastly, mamma lay down beside me).

For visual aid, below are a couple of pictures of Wilson and Nathan playing (one at Wilson's birthday party and the other in their halloween costumes). Sleep tight.