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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You Just Don't Hear This Kind of Stuff Unless You Have Kids

So how was your day at school?


Did you go to music today?

No, we didn't. Umm just a second. Miller, let me get your booger. Hhhh. My fingers are too big for her holes.

I almost had another wreck on the way home from preschool today laughing so hard. (for those of you who don't know, the kids and I were in a little fender bender over the weekend. We're all okay- and so is the 15 year old that drove right off the interstate and in front of us!)

Baby Priss's New Tricks

Here are a few of her latest discoveries. Since she came home I have kept a stash of "supplies" in a basket under the swing downstairs. She now knows that that basket is under there and all but hangs onto the tray of her swing with her big tow to lean out and dig around in it. She drags all kinds of stuff into the swing with her! I wish I could figure out a better angle to take the picture so you could see how far out of the swing she gets and how she waits for it to swing away from the basket so she can see what she's aiming for- what a hoot!

The points of her first tooth are finally showing their pearly little heads, so today we brought home some Wagon Wheels from the grocery store. Let's hear it for solid food, portable snacks!! Next to holding their cup on their own, this is one of the most liberating things from baby hood for me. She can entertain herself with some food for a few minutes. Now we can take her to a restaraunt and not have her melt down out of bordom because there's nothing for her to do while we eat. (Wilson had about 6 teeth by now, so I didn't realize how nice it was to be able to hand him a cracker and continue my dinner conversation!) Looks like she really likes them. I wasn't sure she would because she usually makes a terrible face when we put any "real" food in her mouth. She ate these up!! Yea!

I think I've posted pictures before of how Miller bounces in her Johnny Jump Up with her head hanging out the back, but it's much funnier in action. There's a little bit of it on the video below. She's a bit of a diva and as soon as she sees a camera she stops what she's doing and focuses on it. (Note how she doesn't see me at first and then when she does she stops, spins back, and gives a big ole grin- what a ham!) The video's a little long because I was trying to not look at her for a little bit to see if she'd start up again. Alas, she did not- she knew the camera would be coming back to document yet another mundane part of her life for her fans.

A note about the title of the post:

Before Miller was born, Wilson called her Shu-Shu. Quickly after her arrival he switched to "Baby Priss"- neither of us has EVER called her that, it's a Wilson original!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of 3 Yr Old Preschool

Last Friday was Wilson's first day of 3 year old Preschool. He got camera shy that morning and in my only clear picture of him he looks quite pitiful and like he's being tearfully drug off to a lion's den. Rest assured, he is "so exciting" about his new room, teacher, and friends. He has gotten in the car absolutely bouncing off the walls both days with a mouth full about what all went on that day. New for him this year are going 3 days a week, music class, Show and Tell on Friday (Rocko, the stuffed dog that also went to big brother class, went for the first one) and that we are carpooling with a buddy that doesn't live too far from here. It's always nice to have a friend to walk down the hall with in the morning & wait with in carpool line in the afternoon!

He was doing his best to get back in the house during the photo session. The only way I got the one blurry picture of him smiling (which was actually the mood of the morning) was to have the camera on him and say something funny (I'm sure it involved an animal wearing some kind of underwear) and wait for him to turn around laughing. GOTCHA!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scrapbook- What a Great Afternoon

A few weeks ago, our day started heading south after Miller's afternoon nap. We had nothing to do but sit and whine at each other, so I decided we'd run away from home and enjoy an exceptionally not sweltering August afternoon. We went to the new outdoor mall and played in the splash fountain, rolled trucks in the fountain and on all the planter walls, enjoyed a couple of smoothies, and just enjoyed each other. It's not too far from Dad's office, so he met us after work and we played trains at the book store in some dry clothes. Thank you, Lord for giving me a clear head and direction to change the way we were headed- what a great afternoon (if you're a CS Lewis fan, it was sort of a stop making mud pies and go for a day at the sea moment ;))! The kiddos were so cute together. I had so many great pics it's taken me awhile to pick the best ones and get them posted- enjoy!

The Sleeping Yogi

Monday, August 18, 2008


Here's how you keep your little sister from knocking down the Lego tower you've built:

And here's what happens when you try to eat supper without resting up first:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ummm . . . yes

You do have a hot pink popsicle tattoo on your leg. Your brother did it. It's actually been there a couple of days, you've just been wearing pants and haven't noticed it. I'm sorry you can't get it into your mouth, I knew you'd want to, so that's why it's on your leg. But you keep talking to it, because that's pretty cute. I'll let you get him back with some lipstick or something one day!

Monday, August 11, 2008

File: This Too Shall Pass

We have a cold. We've had a cold for going on three weeks now. We = everyone in the house except Phil. Phil had fore site and got poison ivy instead. He got to get a decadron shot before the cold came and was therefore spared. Wilson was sick first (and is still hacking a little), then I got it, and now Miller. Which means neither of us is sleeping. She already wasn't sleeping in her bead (she's still hanging out on the pallet on the floor), but that won't even work these days. She now has to sleep upright. I use the term "sleep" loosely. She does it in spurts through out the night and is in her swing with Baby Einstein Lullaby on repeat in the DVD player in the play room. Last night she gave up on the swing at about 3 and we went back upstairs and gave the bouncy seat a try (I couldn't believe the buckle would still fit around her). It worked nicely until about 6 when her diaper leaked and soaked everything. But that's okay because her brother's night time pull up was simultaneously leaking downstairs in my bed, on my side. Since we were up . . . we took the car to get the oil changed. Miller fell asleep on the way home, so I took her upstairs to take a nap while I did something that required the use of less than 5 brain cells. While I was checking Facebook, I hear her crying, not 20 minutes after putting her down. I start heading up and meet Wilson coming down the stairs. "Don't worry mom. I just woke her up." I love that his first thought was that I was concerned about her safety and well being- he should have been concerned with his safety and well being. Making that kind of announcement to your mom who's had no sleep in a couple of days while standing at THE TOP OF THE STAIRS is not the brightest move. It's been a good day.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

As Promised . . .


Wilson, playing in Cool Whip- 8 months

Miller, playing in Cool Whip- 6 months
I may have forgotten to mention that I was pulled over a few months ago. I can't imagine why I elected to leave this sparkling detail of my life out :). I was coming home from Wal-Mart at about 6:00 one evening with both of the kiddos. Miller was screaming her head off because we were way late for supper. So we're "puttering" along a back road/short cut home when I see the heart stopping, stomach churning, blue lights. Maybe it's not for me, maybe it's not for me . . . It's for me. As I'm pulling over I realize I don't have my seat belt on. Why in the world do I not have my seat belt on!? I don't change parking spots at the grocery store with out putting my seat belt on. "Click it or ticket, Mississippi" is playing in my ears. So, I stealthily slide my belt on and hope Officer Friendly doesn't notice. He walks up to my window to hear Miller howling in the back seat. "Ma'am, any reason other than your baby screaming that you're going so fast?" "Nope, that about does for me." "How old is she?" "3 months." "Well, I have a grandboy just that age." ("thank you, God!") "Can I see your insurance?" "Oh you mean this expired card in my wallet? The new one is at home in the pile of mail I haven't sifted through since the 3 month old came home." He looks at it. "Oh, that's fine- this'll do." ("thank you, God!") He ran my license (with my old address on it) and came back to the car. Well, you slow down a little and get that baby home. He never said a word about the seat belt. (again, "thank you, God!") So, as we're heading home and I'm mulling over the fact that I've just dodged charges for not wearing a seat belt, driving 15 miles over the speed limit, expired proof of insurance, and a falsified drivers license (I'm pretty sure that all adds up to life in prison, so I'm uttering prayers of thanksgiving) I'm also thinking this will be the topic of conversation for Wilson for days, if not, months on end. He's gonna tell everybody about how he got to see the flashing blue lights and how a policeman shined his flashlight on his baby sister and told his mamma she was driving too fast. We get home and I tell Phil I've just given Wilson material for an eon's worth of chatter- beware. To my surprise, Wilson didn't say a word about it for hours and even then it was kind of like an "oh, by the way . . ." kind of a comment. And he really hasn't brought it up much since.
Until earlier this week. We were on our way to Wal-Mart. Going down the same road. We were stopped at a red light. "Hey mom, remember when we went to Wal-Mart that time and the policeman pulled you over?" "Yes, I remember (that time 3 months ago)." "Well, don't forget, we're just on a slow road- it's not the interstate. Okay?"
"Okay, thank you, son."

Monday, August 04, 2008

Much Over Due- Product Placement

Okay, it's been a long while since I last put my illustrious stamp of approval on a consumer good here at Wee Wee Wee- and it's not for a lack of looking for something good. Actually, I have run across some great products in last few months the playplace (a piece of baby gear that has actually entertained Miller for going on 7 months now- it's so versatile), the boon spoon (great way to do baby food on the go), the 6 crayon in one (perfect to pull out of your purse at any time and not have your preschooler roll 6 different crayons under the seats of everyone around you!). But none of those has struck me as quite genius enough to warrant a blog post- well actually they have, I've just been too busy or tired to post anything completely non essential. If you're interested, I'll be glad to elaborate on any of the above, just let me know. Truthfully, I'm still not here to do a true "product" placement- this is more of a feature placement. You see one of the things that grabs my attention most and really gets me bragging is when a company seems to have read my mind, at just the right moment, and given me a tool that is "practically perfect". Today I was browsing Amazon looking at books and toys and learned of something new that I'm SO EXCITED ABOUT! This is something I've wished they had for years now. I would like to introduce the Amazon "Add to Wish List" link button. With this button added to your internet browser toolbar (very easy to do, just follow the instructions on the page linked above), you can put ANYTHING from ANY website on your Amazon list with one mouse click. Now, I know that there are websites out there that let you compile a list from many websites into one, but I love that Amazon has opened their doors (and is now using me as a free marketing tool to see what they need to add to their ever-growing site) and is letting me add directly to my existing list there. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge fan of the Amazon wish list because they have everything from diapers to diamonds, you can make a great list in one spot, and people can buy the stuff from wherever they choose, brick and mortar or cyber mall. However, there have been times when I was making Christmas or birthday lists for Wilson and I'd remember a really cute shirt from Gymboree that he liked, but Amazon wouldn't have the exact one-and you hate to bombard generous "list seekers" (aka grandparents and out of town relatives) with 18 different places that you've seen great stuff. Now- it can all be added to the same list that we've always used and had a link to on our blog. (I checked- you can even add tickets to Disney World to the list- just in case anyone's feeling like a super generous list seeker- he he he :)!) As always, you can add notes about the item like size and color. You can also use it to add to any list you have made like a personal shopping list or list of gifts you'd like to give. That way, you want forget about the great idea you ran across for your uncle 10 months before his birthday.

Well, that's what excited me today. I'm gushing over a browser button. I'm a nerd. A nerd with a very easy to follow, comprehensive Christmas list. I'm a nerd.

Thanks for reading. I promise I won't post again without pictures and funny stories about my kids.