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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Priss's New Tricks

Here are a few of her latest discoveries. Since she came home I have kept a stash of "supplies" in a basket under the swing downstairs. She now knows that that basket is under there and all but hangs onto the tray of her swing with her big tow to lean out and dig around in it. She drags all kinds of stuff into the swing with her! I wish I could figure out a better angle to take the picture so you could see how far out of the swing she gets and how she waits for it to swing away from the basket so she can see what she's aiming for- what a hoot!

The points of her first tooth are finally showing their pearly little heads, so today we brought home some Wagon Wheels from the grocery store. Let's hear it for solid food, portable snacks!! Next to holding their cup on their own, this is one of the most liberating things from baby hood for me. She can entertain herself with some food for a few minutes. Now we can take her to a restaraunt and not have her melt down out of bordom because there's nothing for her to do while we eat. (Wilson had about 6 teeth by now, so I didn't realize how nice it was to be able to hand him a cracker and continue my dinner conversation!) Looks like she really likes them. I wasn't sure she would because she usually makes a terrible face when we put any "real" food in her mouth. She ate these up!! Yea!

I think I've posted pictures before of how Miller bounces in her Johnny Jump Up with her head hanging out the back, but it's much funnier in action. There's a little bit of it on the video below. She's a bit of a diva and as soon as she sees a camera she stops what she's doing and focuses on it. (Note how she doesn't see me at first and then when she does she stops, spins back, and gives a big ole grin- what a ham!) The video's a little long because I was trying to not look at her for a little bit to see if she'd start up again. Alas, she did not- she knew the camera would be coming back to document yet another mundane part of her life for her fans.

A note about the title of the post:

Before Miller was born, Wilson called her Shu-Shu. Quickly after her arrival he switched to "Baby Priss"- neither of us has EVER called her that, it's a Wilson original!!

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