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Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of 3 Yr Old Preschool

Last Friday was Wilson's first day of 3 year old Preschool. He got camera shy that morning and in my only clear picture of him he looks quite pitiful and like he's being tearfully drug off to a lion's den. Rest assured, he is "so exciting" about his new room, teacher, and friends. He has gotten in the car absolutely bouncing off the walls both days with a mouth full about what all went on that day. New for him this year are going 3 days a week, music class, Show and Tell on Friday (Rocko, the stuffed dog that also went to big brother class, went for the first one) and that we are carpooling with a buddy that doesn't live too far from here. It's always nice to have a friend to walk down the hall with in the morning & wait with in carpool line in the afternoon!

He was doing his best to get back in the house during the photo session. The only way I got the one blurry picture of him smiling (which was actually the mood of the morning) was to have the camera on him and say something funny (I'm sure it involved an animal wearing some kind of underwear) and wait for him to turn around laughing. GOTCHA!!


Pat Pat said...

He is a vivid reminder of his daddy going off to school--so big and too fast!

laura said...

so cute! where is he going to preschool?