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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scrapbook- What a Great Afternoon

A few weeks ago, our day started heading south after Miller's afternoon nap. We had nothing to do but sit and whine at each other, so I decided we'd run away from home and enjoy an exceptionally not sweltering August afternoon. We went to the new outdoor mall and played in the splash fountain, rolled trucks in the fountain and on all the planter walls, enjoyed a couple of smoothies, and just enjoyed each other. It's not too far from Dad's office, so he met us after work and we played trains at the book store in some dry clothes. Thank you, Lord for giving me a clear head and direction to change the way we were headed- what a great afternoon (if you're a CS Lewis fan, it was sort of a stop making mud pies and go for a day at the sea moment ;))! The kiddos were so cute together. I had so many great pics it's taken me awhile to pick the best ones and get them posted- enjoy!


Frankie said...

Thanks for the comment...I was thinking the same about Maggie when I saw your new post. I love the smoothie pics...looks like Maggie has a fun little personality. Wilson looks like a big help and great big brother. Y'all take care

Anonymous said...

I could seriously come through my computer and hug them both!!Too adorable! Thanks for posting. You are going to have to teach me how to use the scrapbook program! Aunt Ash

Pat Pat said...

P2 needs some of those individual shots! They are so sweet and fun!

Mommy of Tyler and Chase said...

Such great pictures! i totally agree with turning those crazy "mudpie" days always helps to get out and refocus...the kids are adorable and it looks like Miller is back to loving her crib:))) Colin