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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Okay, Now They're Just Mocking ME!

Those of you who have been with us since we brought the first of our sweet dogs home four years ago this week will also remember the beautiful bungalow inspired dog house we labored over for them. For those of you who weren't in our lives yet let's just say, front porch and working shutters. Tate showed us how much he appreciated it by teething on the columns of the porch before we even got the roof on and the structured moved to it's permanent place in the yard!

I have now been shown equal thanks for my latest undertaking- the jeep bed. All I can say is thank goodness Pat Pat surprised us with the rug for Wilson's room, or the poor child would have nowhere to sleep!!

This is where he now sleeps. I've already gone in and made the dogs come out and put him back in his bed once tonight (this photo is from nap time today). We found him like this this morning and assumed he'd fallen out, but apparently he just prefers to sleep on the rug. At least Tate's finally got a place to lay his head!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Following is a video of Wilson helping Phil open his birthday presents. Wilson has definitely gotten the concept of presents. He cried all day whenever he say a gift for Daddy and I wouldn't let him open it!

(PS- this one's for you, Pat Pat- I have captured the new "accent" on audio- "what's thiuuus?")
(PPS- sorry the video's a bit squashy. Yours truly can't quite grasp the idea that you can't video in "portrait". I've learned how to rotate the video when I make this goof, but it just makes the subject matter look as though it's gained about 50lbs. Coincidence that I'm never in the videos? I think not!!)

Watch the Video

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A few more pics of the new room

I thought I'd post of few more pictures of Wilson's new room. He is so proud of it and wants everyone who comes over to see it. I was hoping to also include pictures of our recently updated kitchen, but lord help us, I just can't seem to get it straightened up enough for a photo op. I'm hosting a Christmas party the first week of Dec., so maybe that will give me the motivation to get this place cleaned up. And, after all, everything looks better in the glow of Christmas lights. (right?!)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Good Night From the Ethridges

I just went in to check on Wilson before going to bed- we are on night two of the "big boy" bed & room. Pictured below is what I found. If only I'd known how many lives I'd touch by creating the Jeep bed. I'll post more pics of the new room in the morning. Nighty-night!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One More For the Road

Okay, one more post before I go to bed. This picture just popped up on my Google Desktop. It is one of our favorites of the dogs (taken on our old digital camera- sorry if it turns out a little "pixelly"). It was taken the day we brought Tate home. Look how proud Jack is! Shortly after this, Tate hopped on Jack's blanket and Jack was pulling him around the house, it was too cute! It's hard to believe that that cute, little, innocent, white fluff ball turned into Tate- boy, oh boy, if we'd only know then!!

The Greatest Movie

We just finished the best movie. And, no, I'm not talking about Cars (although I have seen it three times today plus all the bonus features and I still think it's pretty darn cute). Phil and I just finished Little Manhattan. It is the cutest- I highly recommend it. It's a very happy little story told by a fifth grader in New York. It's on HBO on Demand right now, if you have that. If you don't, put it in your queue or rent it. I promise it'll put a smile on your face!