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2 Peter 3:18

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Playdate with Whitney and Patrick

A few weeks ago we had our friends Whitney and Patrick over for lunch, playing, and naps while their mamma went to pick their daddy up from an out of town flight. I was highly entertained by our lunchtime conversations:
Wilson: "Mom, can I have some more Sprite?"

Mom: "Sure."
I go to get the Sprite, Whitney watches Wilson as I pour it and then sit back down.
Whitney: "Now say, 'thank you mommy'."
Wilson: (with furrowed brow and in a highly insulted tone that he is taking orders from a girl younger than he) "Thanks, mom."

Wilson: "Know what Whitney? In just a few minutes Patrick is going to grow and grow and grow and then his teeth will fall out and he'll get new ones. And my teeth, these teeth (he opens to show her) are going to fall out and I'll get new ones and I'll go to the dentist. The dentist is fun . . ."
Whitney: "but I'm not going to go"

Wilson: "the dentist if fun- there's nothing to be scared of (keep in mind he screamed bloody murder while watching me get my teeth cleaned and then put a HUGE fight about getting his done!)

Patrick: "jabber jabber jabber" = "my cup is dirty, this crazy lady gave me a whole bowl of applesauce and a spoon to feed myself with, now I've dropped my cup in the applesauce. Here, I'll show you why this is crazy, look, spoon of applesauce in my hair!" Grin= "what do you think about that?" "down!"
They also started something that is soon to hit the presses and will be available for all fine PCA churches nationwide- "The REALLY Shorter Catechism". While they were eating Whitney noticed some of the papers from Sunday School that week sitting on our table and asked what they were. I told her it was they had brought home from Sunday School that week and since this week's happen to have a review of the "First Catechism" on it, I decided to test my young charges.
ME: "1. Who Made You?"
Whitney & Wilson: "God"
ME: "Great! 2. What else did God make?"
Whitney & Wilson: "Ummm . . . everything"
ME: "Hmm, close enough, it's really 'God made all things'."
They got a little rusty after that until we got to question 5. Spoiler alert, the correct answer is, "Because he made me and takes care of me."
ME: "5. Why are you to glorify God?"
Whitney & Wilson: " 'cause."
I think that pretty much sums up what the guys at Westminster were getting at . . .

Whitney and Wilson coloring on the windows of the playroom with our window markers

They eventually got tuckered out, so I offered a pallet and a movie. They promptly plopped down. Wilson then asked if they could have blankets so they wouldn't get cold . . . and can you bring me my lion . . . And I want something, too- Whitney chose the blue bunny.

Patrick thoroughly enjoyed Miller's bed for about 3 hours!

After nap time, everyone enjoyed a snack!

Scrapbook- End of the Year Party

Friday, May 16, 2008

Meditation for the Weekend

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Give me one pure and holy passion. Give me one magnificent obsession. Jesus, give me one glorious ambition for my life, to know and follow hard after you. To know and follow hard after you. To go as your disciple in the truth. This world is empty pale and poor, compared to knowing You my Lord. Lead me on and I will run after You. Lead me on and I will run after You.

Well, Isn't He the POPULAR One!

Several posts back, I have a video of Jack protecting us from a Rug Doc that we'd rented from the grocery store. I used YouTube to post it- it was before Blogger had added their handy dandy, touch-of-a-button video posting tool. I recently looked at my YouTube account which consisted of all of like 5 videos- Jack's, the montage I did for our 5th anniversary, and a couple of Wilson. (side note, I will no longer use YouTube for family videos, because I hate how they associate your video with others they think are similar. I was having trouble with my video software when I was making Miller's 4 month video, so I decided to post it with YouTube. The videos they linked her's with were a portrait of the atrocities of humanity and I did not want to be reminded of all the awful things in this world when I went to look back at my sweet 4 month old baby girl.)

But, as usual, I digress . . .

I started looking at the number of views my videos had gotten: our anniversary- 144, Wilson playing- 84, 56, &39, Jack fighting a Rug Doc- 7. . . HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE! I actually have gotten email comments on this from random strangers.

So, our dog and his neuroses beats the rest of our family in a popularity contest something like 7 to 1!

Here's the latest installment of "Jack Versus the . . . ". He found a roach the other night and decided to try his hand at keeping us safe from the insect world. I think antennae must tickle terrier noses. It's a little long, so grab a snack. I'll let you know what his YouTube ratings are. (before I even got this posted, he already has four views)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friends in Cuddly Places

Miller had her 4 month check up yesterday. She's 16 pounds 13 ounces and 26" long. She's in the 95-97%. What a BIG girl! We are completely off the special formula and have moved on to "Sensitive" Similac. The doctor was very pleased with the progress she's make digestion wise. She then had to get 4 shots- NO FUN!!(note the band aids on each of those chubby little thighs). We got home, took some Tylenol (infant and adult extra strength) and she snuggled down with her buddies for a little recuperation.

Later, I consulted my good friend The Baby Whisperer to see what she had to offer in the way of advice for four month olds and helping them sleep a little more soundly at night. I found out I'd been starving my child of sleep and food. She's been taking hour long naps and then waking up. So, I was thinking "great hour long nap" and going and getting her. Turns out she really just needed to be put back to sleep. Today when she woke up after an hour I gave her her paci instead and she went back to sleep for another hour. She also had been wanting more to eat when she woke up in the morning and has been waking up earlier to get it. Today she has polished of two 7 ounce bottles (up from 5) and had a pretty big serving of rice cereal at lunch along with a few more ounces of formula. I wonder if this will help her sleep harder tonight?

Trip to the Zoo

Miller's first trip to the zoo- she loved it!
Wilson and I had a great conversation with this Mamma peacock. She just chattered and spit at us. We'd copy her noises and then she'd make up right back. We laughed and laughed!
Welcome back Mr. Otter!! We're so excited that the otter exhibit is back up and running. The otters did a great job of showing off for the boys.

Wilson's favorite story from this trip to the zoo is "Me and Nathan woke up the bears, but mom wouldn't let us wake up the monkeys." Here are the three monkeys I would not let them wake up:

Matthew's Dedication

Our nephew Matthew was dedicated at his family's church this past Sunday. He was of course, the cutest, smartest, most well behaved baby of all the ones on stage!! What a special day for his family. Matthew, you are already such a blessing to our family and we can't wait see the plans the Lord has for your life unfold. In the mean time, QUIT PULLING YOUR COUSIN'S DRESS UP OVER HER HEAD! ;) We love you!

Guess I Better Hit the Frozen Foods Section

My Mother's Day card that Wilson made at school. I scanned it quickly to get it up, but it didn't turn out too well. The first page is a white piece of paper and the second is pink, they are tied together with lime green yarn- too cute!

It's nice to have your efforts acknowledged.

I love you, too, Wilson Man!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

4 Months Old!

First Foods

First child, you take the ceremonious walk down the baby aisle at the grocery store and park it in front of the baby food jars for at least 20 minutes making the monumental decision about which brand and flavor will be allowed to be your child's first adventure into the world of non-milk. Second child, you're eating lunch with the first and think, "Baby, I bet you could swallow this . . ." And so, Miller has had her first food- pomegranate applesauce, and she loved it.
It's what most pediatricians recommend for Baby's first food:

Miller's impressions:

Love My Lion

Tuesday, May 06, 2008