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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Playdate with Whitney and Patrick

A few weeks ago we had our friends Whitney and Patrick over for lunch, playing, and naps while their mamma went to pick their daddy up from an out of town flight. I was highly entertained by our lunchtime conversations:
Wilson: "Mom, can I have some more Sprite?"

Mom: "Sure."
I go to get the Sprite, Whitney watches Wilson as I pour it and then sit back down.
Whitney: "Now say, 'thank you mommy'."
Wilson: (with furrowed brow and in a highly insulted tone that he is taking orders from a girl younger than he) "Thanks, mom."

Wilson: "Know what Whitney? In just a few minutes Patrick is going to grow and grow and grow and then his teeth will fall out and he'll get new ones. And my teeth, these teeth (he opens to show her) are going to fall out and I'll get new ones and I'll go to the dentist. The dentist is fun . . ."
Whitney: "but I'm not going to go"

Wilson: "the dentist if fun- there's nothing to be scared of (keep in mind he screamed bloody murder while watching me get my teeth cleaned and then put a HUGE fight about getting his done!)

Patrick: "jabber jabber jabber" = "my cup is dirty, this crazy lady gave me a whole bowl of applesauce and a spoon to feed myself with, now I've dropped my cup in the applesauce. Here, I'll show you why this is crazy, look, spoon of applesauce in my hair!" Grin= "what do you think about that?" "down!"
They also started something that is soon to hit the presses and will be available for all fine PCA churches nationwide- "The REALLY Shorter Catechism". While they were eating Whitney noticed some of the papers from Sunday School that week sitting on our table and asked what they were. I told her it was they had brought home from Sunday School that week and since this week's happen to have a review of the "First Catechism" on it, I decided to test my young charges.
ME: "1. Who Made You?"
Whitney & Wilson: "God"
ME: "Great! 2. What else did God make?"
Whitney & Wilson: "Ummm . . . everything"
ME: "Hmm, close enough, it's really 'God made all things'."
They got a little rusty after that until we got to question 5. Spoiler alert, the correct answer is, "Because he made me and takes care of me."
ME: "5. Why are you to glorify God?"
Whitney & Wilson: " 'cause."
I think that pretty much sums up what the guys at Westminster were getting at . . .

Whitney and Wilson coloring on the windows of the playroom with our window markers

They eventually got tuckered out, so I offered a pallet and a movie. They promptly plopped down. Wilson then asked if they could have blankets so they wouldn't get cold . . . and can you bring me my lion . . . And I want something, too- Whitney chose the blue bunny.

Patrick thoroughly enjoyed Miller's bed for about 3 hours!

After nap time, everyone enjoyed a snack!

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