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Sunday, June 01, 2008


1 year:

4-1/2 months:

My mom's been cleaning out their attic over the past few days and has found quite a few of our old clothes and toys. Wilson has been over the moon with "new" trucks and cars, my old circus train and airport, my brother's old blocks and countless other toys and games. Every 10 minutes he wants to know what else Granna has in the attic for him. "What else haven't I seen?" We stood at the bottom of the attic as she pulled something out the other day and I had flashbacks of standing in the same spot with my little brother as she pulled down my old cozy coupe for him over 25 years ago. He stood there shaking with anticipation and didn't get out of the car for hours. The only way my mom could get him out for a bath was to promise him that it could be parked right beside him in the bathroom! Wilson stood there with the same quiver saying, "What's it gonna be?" like he was waiting for a prize to be revealed on the Price is Right. It was too fun. While he immersed himself in relics of the late 70's and 80's Miller and I played dress up. She completely filled the dress mom made me for my first birthday! There were so many other sweet things we tried to squeeze into, but apparently the only thing that rivals the growth of the actual weeds in my yard, is little weeds I call my children. Does anyone know if they make "queen size" onesies?


Anonymous said...

Maggie, you cannot deny this little girl! She is definitely you all over--except for her being "queen sized" at this stage of the game! You're a mess! She's adorable! I can just visualize Wilson in his quivering state of anticipation for the attic goodies! What special memories. P2

Jessica said...

How precious! We need to start sewing together. I have so many cute patterns. We could make a sewing assembly line. We can do that in between fixing up our are probably done with that though...You are so on top of things. Sheesh, there is no time for anything! Let's have that dinner date soon.