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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We Have New Neighbors

As mentioned a few posts earlier, we have new neighbors. It has been so fun to have a family from our church and a whole family of friends so close by. There is always a playmate when we need one (or someone to wrangle dead squirrels should that need arise, but I don't know why you'd need someone with those skills . . . oh wait). They have a little boy, Wilkes, that's Wilson's age and Wilkes has an older sister, Brook. Wilson is always asking to go over to Wilkes's house. You be the judge of who he actually wants to see. . .

This was taken the first time Wilson found out Wilkes had a sister. We were at their house to swim in Wilkes's new inflatable pool. All the other boys were shooting each other with water guns. "But where's Wilson?" Ah, laying out with Brook.

And this was taken today at the pool. I had taken the camera to get some pictures of Miller in the pool because I had forgotten it when she went for the first time. Wilson asked if he could take some pictures and I said sure and handed him the camera. So, I pose with Miller and smile while also talking with Wilkes's and Brook's mamma. I notice after a few seconds Wilson has never said, "cheese". I look over and realize that I'd have a better shot of being in a picture on the red carpet at the Oscars than I would to be in anything taken by my son.

The other day we were walking to their house to retrieve a forgotten toy and on the way Wilson asked if he could play at Wilkes's house. I told him that we could not invite ourselves but that we could ask Wilkes to come play at our house. He responded with a shrug of the shoulders and, "or we could ask Brook, too . . . whatever."

Don't get me wrong. Wilkes is great for a sword fight or a car race. But if Brook's around, well, it's definitely a tough call for poor little Wilson.


Lauren said...

Sounds like Wilson takes after his dad - you can always find him in the middle of a group of girls!

Pat Pat said...

Amen to that!!! That apple didn't roll very far from the tree!

Beth said...

This is the cutest picture yet---wish HER grandmother could see it!

laura said...

so cute!