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Friday, January 25, 2008

What's Going on Here

It's been a long time since I've done a quiz here on Wee, Wee, Wee. Fortunately today, a photo op has provided us with the great opportunity for one.

What's Going on Here:

a) Jack is coloring, again

b) Jack is trying to look into the window of Wilson's psyche by studying his bathtime soap drawings

c) Jack, needing some time for personal thought and reflection, found this to be the only place to get some peace & quiet in this house (thanks to Colin for this great story!)

Tell me what you think- your guess is as good as mine. I found Jack back there, took the picture, fed Miller, and went to check on him. He was still there. It was not until he heard the rumble of the UPS truck that he got out. Must have been waiting on an important delivery- I think he's late night QVCing again.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

How we are doing . . .

We have had many calls, emails, and blog comments with well wishes and wondering "how are you doing?". I have finally gotten a positive report from my doctor, so I feel much more confident blogging- "We're doing MUCH better". The past two weeks have been a bit full with a 3 three year old with the 2nd ear infection of his life and a terrible cold, a newborn (that would be enough but . . .) a newborn with an apparent intolerance to lactose, a daddy with a yucky cold, and a mom with a Cesarean incision that has just not wanted to close. But now, after an arsenal of antibiotics, antihistamines, decongestants, steroids, a few cans of Enfamil Pro Sobee, half a bottle of Mylycon, four trips to the OB to be "repacked", a month of skipping the church nursery to avoid this, and a week of missing school to not get worse, I think we are on our way to a new normal very soon. I say new normal, because I'm getting to the stage of new parenthood where I coming to the realization that what I used to think was normal will never be again. And that's okay- adding a new family member can't be done without shaking things up a bit.

Anyway, Wilson's cough is sounding much better. Phil seems almost normal- which may or may not be concerning- Just teasing!! His shot seemed to have made him a much happier person. To spare the weak of stomach, I'll be short on details of my woes the past few days. The "light" version is that a pocket of fluid had accumulated due to surgery and chose the path of least resistance (my incision) for escape. Today my doctor thought my incision finally seemed well enough to leave alone, so hopefully I won't see her again for another 2 weeks. Miss Millie was up over her birth weight at her 2 week check up and impressed her doctor with her strength and ability to hold up her head. She has rolled over twice and when angered she can backwards scoot out of her diaper (and thereby wetting her mamma's side of the bed) and twice out of her gown. That temper must come from the Ethridge side, we Wilson's are always in complete control ;)! Miller's tummy seems much better with the new formula and she has not had the hours on end crying spells that she was having. The pediatrician doesn't think she has an allergy and felt like she'd probably be a better baby in a couple of months without making any changes, but went on and had us switch formulas to see if it would help in the mean time to make life a little easier. And it has. She ate at about 9:30 last night, 2:30 this morning and then again at 6:30, all with little to no crying. Now, she did throw up causing me and her to need new pj's in the middle of the night and she did have an explodo-poop diaper at my doctor's office today. From the later experience I learned if they put you in an exam room to change a diaper- one large latex glove will hold an entire 3 piece poopy baby outfit. But I digress.

So onward and upward for the Ethridges . . .

We might need to up our contribution to the medical cafe plan!

What a great way to spend a sick day . . . camped out in your tent with dad watching Sesame Street clips on his new iPod touch

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Photo Update

One's arm & hand just don't recover from sleeping with them in this position for hours on end, but at least there was a quiet baby for a few hours on end
Miller in her "pretty clothes", camped out in one of her favorite spots, her lamby blanket. She dressed up that day because she thought she was leaving the house, but plans changed, so we just took a picture instead.
Pretty cute, aren't they?
Fancy Shoes

Snow Day

Fortunately the snow came on a Saturday, so we didn't have to shut down the whole state. And you know with this kind of accumulation, roads would have been closed and kids would have stayed home from school:

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What a Great Big Brother

Wilson teaching Miller "Where is Thumbkin" (Pointer, Tall Man, etc.)
Millie was not being the best host to her namesake great-grand parents. Wilson brought her his best Big Car and began telling her all about it and she immediately quit crying! What a great helper!

The Price You Pay for Being a Good Baby . . .

. . . severe cases of bed head from sleeping so much
(please take a moment to click on the photo to enlarge it, you need to see this due up close for the full affect!)

Mom's Eye View

So here's my point of view all day . . .

. . . and it's one of the best views in the house!




(Nan's a little camera shy- it took two shots to get one of her face & one with her & Miller!)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Welcome Cousin Matthew!

Three days after Miller arrived, her cousin Matthew decided it was time to make his grand entrance. Here they are on their first playdate at the hospital.
Matthew on the left, Miller on the right
Amy holding Miller, Phil holding Matthew

Miller Time- First Week Home

Wilson bringing balloons to tie on the mailbox to greet us when we got home- it was apparently very tiring work

Jack checking Miller out
Wilson and Jack (nose at the bottom of photo) helping mom with Miller
Miller & Big Daddy
Millie helping mom put on her makeup

Clean Baby

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Miller Time- hospital

Phil with a very excited assistant surgeon (and great uncle) Rusty Ethridge
Welcome to the family, Miller
Dad showing off the newest addition
Apparently dads "recover" by playing solitaire on their Blackberry, mom's recover behind the nurses station and try not to throw up!
Thanks, Uncle John, for playing with Wilson while Miller was born
First snuggle with mom
Getting footprints taken

Big Daddy, Wilson, and Granna looking at Miller
It's great to be a Big Brother
One more look and then I'll go check on mom
Coming in to see Mom for the first time
Up close and personal with his new sister

The whole gang
Big Daddy, Uncle John, and Miller

This is how Dad plays with his little girl

And this is how Dad plays with his little, big boy
Pat Pat and Miller having a chat
Granna on bottle duty
Paw, Pat Pat, and Miller
Dressed and ready to go home