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2 Peter 3:18

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Smarty Pants, Dancing Pants

Well it's been a long while since the last post and the days have mostly been filled with the laughter & screaming of a two year old. I've also been quite busy with the "small" job that I've been working on for the last year. The next adventure on our calendar is a trip for Phil and me to Savannah, GA for the week- next week and a trip to Granna camp for Wilson! We're all very excited. Check out the cool hotel where we're staying.
Many of you may remember that the only way I that I knew Wilson had started walking was by sneaking up on him and catching him doing it- he didn't do it on purpose in front of us for a month. Well aparently this is becoming a trend. I'm slowly finding out about all kinds that he knows, that he want show off when I ask. Then when I'm not looking, he's got all kinds of tricks up his sleeves. For example, last night while I was cooking supper, he was playing some games on the computer. One of the games is an alphabet game- click below to hear what spontaneously came out of his mouth while he thought I wasn't listening . . .

Click To Play

Okay, one more little clip. His Pat-Pat has found a very cool video series that talks all about various machinery- construction vehicles, farming equipment, etc. Apparently the sound track is quite catchy. As you'll see in the next video, white men CAN dance. (Okay, maybe they can't, but they sure have fun trying!)

Alright, for some reason the dancing clip wouldn't load! Check back later, I'll have my IT guy take a look at it . . . Phiii-ul!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Nerve

I was just instructed by my two year old to "get out of shower & put make up on!". THE NERVE!! One of my eyes is almost completely swollen shut, I haven't breathed through my nose in 3 days, and my head is killing me all thanks to this little carrier monkey who's happily rolling a firetruck through my house. I have a good mind to tell him Lightning McQueen is just a cartoon, Elmo's a puppet and Santa Clause isn't real! Sheesh!