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2 Peter 3:18

Monday, September 29, 2008

Miller's Mastered the Stacker

You're supposed to put the pieces back on? Oh. Well. In that case, she hasn't got a clue. But she can remove the pieces (all 25 of them), spread them around, chew on everything, and smile real cute. Does that count for anything?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mom, You Look Beautiful in . . . that?

This was a super sweet complement from my little boy early one morning at the start of this week. I was dressed for the day in a sort of tunic shirt and jeans and we were going up stairs to get him dressed. He was half way through the complement when he realized he was not sure how to finish it as he wasn't exactly sure what it was that I was wearing. Refinement is such a tedious process, but he is becoming quite the gentleman.

Why was I dressed for the day "early" at the "start" of the week (I usually don't get out of my pajamas until Wednesday afternoon)? I'm glad you asked. It makes a perfect segway into why the bombardment of posts to follow for today. I've been spending (and will be spending for a few more weeks) my mornings doing a little volunteer work at JPS. It's been a lot of fun, but mostly it's taught me that I DO do something every day from 9-12 in the morning (even if I am wearing fuzzy slippers). Otherwise, I wouldn't be up at 1:00am every night finishing up laundry, painting, or just making lists so I won't forget the gillion things that seem to pop into my head at that hour. One thing that has fallen off that list is updating the blog and I already had a "stack" of things to put on even before my part time leave of absence began. Forgive me for the amount of posts, but hopefully it will tide you over until the next barrage when I'm done at the schools. Enjoy and don't go reading them all in one night . . . pace yourself!

Talk About a Milestone

For those of you who know our family, you know that this is a photo I never thought I'd see. Jack, laying on HIS bed, his head in WILSON'S lap, and without a trace of Wilson's blood anywhere. (if you're not familiar with their relationship, Jack was a HUGE fan of Wilson right up until he became mobile. He spent the next year and a half under our bed hiding and has since then become a little more confrontational, growling whenever Wilson enters a room he's currently occupying or when Wilson dares to get in close to him. He's recently lightened up a little and will play chase and fetch with Wilson, but will growl his head off at Wilson if he gets too close to the food bowl that WILSON just filled for him. He's a little nuts, and we're aware of that. Which is why we've just sort of given up on the whole situation improving.) Our new stance is that Wilson is old enough to know to leave the dog alone when he growls, Jack never seeks Wilson out to attack him (he merely responds to an impending threat), and Wilson now just antagonizes him for sport, so if he get a little nip, so be it. (I know, it's a cold world over here). So, the other day when Wilson asked if he could get on Jack's bed with him, I said he was more than welcome to try, but that Jack would probably not like it and he'd need to get up if Jack started growling. To my surprise he didn't growl when Wilson sat down. Then Wilson patted his lap for Jack to lay down. Here's the funny part- Jack growls like he is going to tear Wilson to pieces all while nudging Wilson hand onto the top of his head for a pat and then resting his head on his lap! As if to say, "I REALLY don't want to be your friend, but if a head rubbing is a possibility, FINE! Can we play fetch when we're done here?"

Baby steps . . .

Well, We Didn't Want To Do It . . .

But we had to say goodbye to our friend Whitney, her little brother Patrick, her new (less than a week old) baby brother Tyler, and her mamma as they move out West to be with their Daddy, who has been training all Spring and Summer for the Border Patrol. Wilson is most definitely not excited about her leaving. He asked if we could still play with them. I explained, that no, we really wouldn't be able to play anymore like we have been, but we could send letters and pictures to her in the mail. In a tearful voice he replied, "That's not a very good idea." (everything these days is a "great idea".) It was hard to meet Tyler and say goodbye to him all in one visit, but he's a doll. On paper he's the same size that Miller was when she was born, but I really can't believe that she was ever that small! He has got an unbelievable head of black hair and is as handsome as can be!

We're praying for y'all as you start your new life and readjust/adjust to being all in one house again and having a new little one. We're currently praying they can get out of the city, as all flights through Houston have been cancelled due to Ike and they really needed to be at their final destination no later than tomorrow. Friend, you knew the last leg couldn't be easy! You are about the bravest woman I've ever met to take on giving birth and an all day flight with a 3 year old, almost 2 year old, and newborn all in one week. Christie, you have been through more "plan B's and bumps in the road" than I can imagine coming up with over a lifetime in the last 9 months and have handled each beautifully. You might not think that you have, but trust us all YOU HAVE. The fact that you can still walk upright and muster up a smile is a testimate to that. Thank you for allowing us all to help you when and where we could and get to enjoy your beautiful children. You've taught us that what we can only see as chaos is actually the Lord's mighty, sovereign hand doing His beautiful and perfect work.

Here are a couple of pictures from our last play date:

PS- send me your new address. I don't care what Wilson says, I think sending mail is "a GREAT idea!"

Happy 8 Months, Miller!

It's been a big month for baby Miller. She learned to suck on her toes and met her Aunt Lauren for the first time- what milestones! Watch the 8 month video to see what other acheivements she's had! Happy 8 months, Baby Girl!

Matthew & Miller vs the Giant Hand

Watch out, I hear there's a giant hand that can come out of nowhere and pick your nose. It's a good thing we're weilding JELLY teething rings.
See, I told you.
Yeah, that was pretty scary.

No, I changed my mind. That was really, REALLY scary!

Our teething rings were useless against it!

Somebody come get me!

Me, too!!

Scrapbook- Road Trip

Miller got to go on her first girls road trip over Labor Day Weekend. We loaded up and went to McCarty Pottery Marigold, MS. She did great in the car and pretty well while we were there in spite of the heat. Mr. McCarty came down and chatted with her and decided that she was so cute she needed something for her room. He disappeared for a little while and came back with a small bag for her. As soon as he looked at her the second time, she burst into tears screaming!! What a "fickle pickle" as we say at our house. Thank you, Mr. McCarty for the beautiful little blue bird. Sorry we didn't get to tell you in person. Mim came to the rescue and took Miller to the pool to cool her feet off and she perked right up (as you can see in the Labor Day pictures, Mim's a firm believer in pool therapy for grumpy babies!)

Labor Day Weekend

We had such a great Labor Day weekend. All of Phil's out of town siblings were able to come in town as was Uncle John (my brother). We really enjoyed getting to see everyone and catching up over some good food, some toys everywhere with four grand kids in one house, and some Wii. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

"So you're this 'Aunt Lauren' I've been hearing about. Cool."
Playing trucks is much more fun with a cousin
Paw and his boys

A well trained son

Scrapbook-Bathing Beauty

Highchair Discoveries

Aparently sitting in a highchair is the most ergonomic position for sucking on one's own toes. This is now what she does almost instantly when she's put in her chair. I also think she associates eating with sucking on toes because she now starts rolly pollying up to get them anytime a spoon is being put in her mouth even when she's in the stroller!