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2 Peter 3:18

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mom, You Look Beautiful in . . . that?

This was a super sweet complement from my little boy early one morning at the start of this week. I was dressed for the day in a sort of tunic shirt and jeans and we were going up stairs to get him dressed. He was half way through the complement when he realized he was not sure how to finish it as he wasn't exactly sure what it was that I was wearing. Refinement is such a tedious process, but he is becoming quite the gentleman.

Why was I dressed for the day "early" at the "start" of the week (I usually don't get out of my pajamas until Wednesday afternoon)? I'm glad you asked. It makes a perfect segway into why the bombardment of posts to follow for today. I've been spending (and will be spending for a few more weeks) my mornings doing a little volunteer work at JPS. It's been a lot of fun, but mostly it's taught me that I DO do something every day from 9-12 in the morning (even if I am wearing fuzzy slippers). Otherwise, I wouldn't be up at 1:00am every night finishing up laundry, painting, or just making lists so I won't forget the gillion things that seem to pop into my head at that hour. One thing that has fallen off that list is updating the blog and I already had a "stack" of things to put on even before my part time leave of absence began. Forgive me for the amount of posts, but hopefully it will tide you over until the next barrage when I'm done at the schools. Enjoy and don't go reading them all in one night . . . pace yourself!


Pat Pat said...

We love your blogging and will take it whenever you can have time to open your world up to the rest of us!

Josh and kacie said...

Hi Maggie!! I love your blog. I saw it through visiting Laura's blog. Wilson and Miller are hilarious and so cute!! Just wanted to say Hi. Tell Phil I said hi too! Hope you guys are doing great!