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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Well, We Didn't Want To Do It . . .

But we had to say goodbye to our friend Whitney, her little brother Patrick, her new (less than a week old) baby brother Tyler, and her mamma as they move out West to be with their Daddy, who has been training all Spring and Summer for the Border Patrol. Wilson is most definitely not excited about her leaving. He asked if we could still play with them. I explained, that no, we really wouldn't be able to play anymore like we have been, but we could send letters and pictures to her in the mail. In a tearful voice he replied, "That's not a very good idea." (everything these days is a "great idea".) It was hard to meet Tyler and say goodbye to him all in one visit, but he's a doll. On paper he's the same size that Miller was when she was born, but I really can't believe that she was ever that small! He has got an unbelievable head of black hair and is as handsome as can be!

We're praying for y'all as you start your new life and readjust/adjust to being all in one house again and having a new little one. We're currently praying they can get out of the city, as all flights through Houston have been cancelled due to Ike and they really needed to be at their final destination no later than tomorrow. Friend, you knew the last leg couldn't be easy! You are about the bravest woman I've ever met to take on giving birth and an all day flight with a 3 year old, almost 2 year old, and newborn all in one week. Christie, you have been through more "plan B's and bumps in the road" than I can imagine coming up with over a lifetime in the last 9 months and have handled each beautifully. You might not think that you have, but trust us all YOU HAVE. The fact that you can still walk upright and muster up a smile is a testimate to that. Thank you for allowing us all to help you when and where we could and get to enjoy your beautiful children. You've taught us that what we can only see as chaos is actually the Lord's mighty, sovereign hand doing His beautiful and perfect work.

Here are a couple of pictures from our last play date:

PS- send me your new address. I don't care what Wilson says, I think sending mail is "a GREAT idea!"

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