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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Talk About a Milestone

For those of you who know our family, you know that this is a photo I never thought I'd see. Jack, laying on HIS bed, his head in WILSON'S lap, and without a trace of Wilson's blood anywhere. (if you're not familiar with their relationship, Jack was a HUGE fan of Wilson right up until he became mobile. He spent the next year and a half under our bed hiding and has since then become a little more confrontational, growling whenever Wilson enters a room he's currently occupying or when Wilson dares to get in close to him. He's recently lightened up a little and will play chase and fetch with Wilson, but will growl his head off at Wilson if he gets too close to the food bowl that WILSON just filled for him. He's a little nuts, and we're aware of that. Which is why we've just sort of given up on the whole situation improving.) Our new stance is that Wilson is old enough to know to leave the dog alone when he growls, Jack never seeks Wilson out to attack him (he merely responds to an impending threat), and Wilson now just antagonizes him for sport, so if he get a little nip, so be it. (I know, it's a cold world over here). So, the other day when Wilson asked if he could get on Jack's bed with him, I said he was more than welcome to try, but that Jack would probably not like it and he'd need to get up if Jack started growling. To my surprise he didn't growl when Wilson sat down. Then Wilson patted his lap for Jack to lay down. Here's the funny part- Jack growls like he is going to tear Wilson to pieces all while nudging Wilson hand onto the top of his head for a pat and then resting his head on his lap! As if to say, "I REALLY don't want to be your friend, but if a head rubbing is a possibility, FINE! Can we play fetch when we're done here?"

Baby steps . . .

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Pat Pat said...

I never would have thought I'd see the day when this would happen! How funny!