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Adoption Timeline

March 28, 2012- Adoption finalized- finally!

June 3, 2011- We're HOME!!

May 31, 2011- We're a family of five!

May 18, 2011- TRAVEL CALL!!!

May 16, 2011- Visa Issued

May 4, 2011- Visa Physical

April 28, 2011- EP approved!

April 21, 2011- notified of EP submittion!!

April 6, 2011- EP submitted

March 2011- nothing, nothing, nothing :(


January 2011- P3 sent to agency (Holt Korea)

January 18, 2011- Visa to Embassy

January 13, 2011- Visa log in

January 8, 2011- I-600 approved!

December 21, 2010- I-600 mailed

December 16, 2010- Biometrics fingerprints taken, Eliza Grace's legal's received

December 15, 2010- Overnighted acceptance package to Holt!

December 14, 2010- Received packet by email containing all the acceptance paperwork for Eliza Grace

December 10, 2010- "Congratulations on your match!"

December 8, 2010- We return the answers to our child specific questionnaire for the little girl and find out that the other family interested in her has backed out.  We will not have to go through the committee process- our case worker and social worker will review and approve the match

December 7, 2010- Phil's company announces a new adoption benefit for 2011- what a HUGE blessing!!

December 6, 2010- We receive biometrics appointments and let Holt know we want to go to committee for a little girl

November 30, 2010- Receive first direct referral from Holt- a baby boy

November 19, 2010- Home Study approved by Holt and mailed to Korea!!

November 16, 2010- Picked up final draft of Home Study

November 11, 2010- Draft of Home Study received from social worker!, Holt announces they have already received their maximum number of home studies for the year.

November 4, 2010- Clear arrest records arrive from FBI

November 3, 2010- Last Emigration Permit given for the year by Holt

November 1, 2010- FBI says we should receive our fingerprints in a week :) - it's been 2 months since we mailed them : | - Social Worker says she has not begun our home study yet :( 

October 25, 2010- received I-797C, Notice of Action from the Department of Homeland Security

October 16, 2010- I600a mailed

October 12, 2010- final meeting with social worker- the home visit

October 11, 2010- parent training completed

September 28, 2010- results from physicals mailed to social worker

September 23, 2010- receive update from Holt waiting child program with some pretty cute faces attached (one of these is our Eliza Grace, but we don't know it yet!)

September 18, 2010- Maggie's passport arrives

September 16, 2010- Holt calls to see if we would be open to a baby from the "regular" program (more than likely a boy)- if so, we could get a referral in the next couple of months . . . um, yes!

September 15, 2010- Phil's passport arrives

September 9, 2010- Second meeting with social worker- "couple interview"

September 2, 2010- Committee meets at 2:00 to review families interested in "baby girl", 2:40 we're informed she is not our daughter . . . but now we are eligible to receive a direct referral even before our home study is complete

September 1, 2010- mailed fingerprint cards to FBI, mailed Maggie's passport renewal, picked up letter from pediatrician stating that Wilson and Miller are in good health and current on immunizations, had phone conference with Holt to review our questionnaires to prepare for the committee meeting

August 31, 2010- Check for local background check sent

August 30, 2010- Fingerprints taken

August 27, 2010- Phil's passport renewal applied for

August 26, 2010- returned answered questionnaires to Holt for the committee to use when evaluating us for the waiting baby girl, picked up vet records stating Jack is current on all vaccinations

August 25, 2010- first meeting with social worker- let the paper chase begin!

August 20, 2010- We requested to be considered for a specific baby girl on the waiting child list

July 22, 2010- submit application to Catholic Charities for Home Study

July 22, 2010- Welcomed to Holt's Waiting Child Program for Korea, we begin reviewing profiles of waiting babies

July 20, 2010- submit application to Holt