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Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Not So Brief Summary of the Summer So Far . . .

I apologize for the lack of "good" posts over the past few months. But I think, I may be "back". The first sign of my "backness" was that while Phil was out of town earlier this week I stayed up all night crafting; as opposed to a week ago when he was out of town and I went to bed at 8:45 so I wouldn't have any more chances to throw up. It's been about 72 hours since I lost anything deposited to my stomach, and I have to say it feels good. Hopefully, a corner has been turned!

Anyway, without further ado, here are photos and a video from our summer thus far:

We went to Uncle Rusty's lake house for his 50th birthday party. Wilson had tons of fun hanging out in their boat house practicing his kayaking.

That same weekend, Tate came back for a sleepover. He has gotten a little chunky since moving in with his grandparents, so we put him on a strict diet of water and exercise while he was here. Wilson was his trainer.

Next we were off to Memphis to see our Aunt Suzanne and Cousin Lindsey (and the boys in their family, too!) The first morning we were there, Wilson helped Suzanne in her garden- here he's showing off a cucumber he helped picked.

That afternoon we got to have lunch on a REAL train!

Here's Wilson patting Daisy, Suzanne's bunny. If you've ever asked Wilson what a bunny says and he's responded with a growl, this is the rabbit that started that!

Wilson was fascinated with their dog/cat/rabbit door! That's him waving to us in the first picture- what a comedian!

The next week we went to Perdido with Granna. This is Wilson in front of one of two cars in our parking lot that had quite original paint jobs and hood ornaments. (it's worth your time to click on the first one to enlarge it- note the grin on his face!)

Wilson spotted the huge bird from the balcony of our condo one night. We, of course, had to immediately head down to chase it.

These are from the 4th of July at Pop & Mim's house:

Nothing like sword fighting with a flower pot man, or sittin' on dry land in boat with your Paw

Feeding Daddy blueberries.

Here's Wilson, Daddy, and Uncle Andy with their tour group at the Jack Daniels distillery

Dad and Wilson with the Jack Daniels car.

Back at home, spending the morning in the pool with his new boats.

And here are our new crafts:

Wilson painted this frame and added the construction truck stickers, then we put a picture of Shu Shu in

I've been looking for something to hang in the corner of Wilson's room over his low bookshelves, and found this mobile in a fun new craft book I bought. I replaced the circus animals in their pattern with trucks, rockets, and planes. Of course, the craft lady was able to stop all traces of air movement when she took the picture of hers, so all the things hanging were facing the right direction- I haven't mastered that skill yet!

New Blog Member . . .

. . . new look! I hope you like it. We'll know (Lord willing) on August 14th if the newest member is pink or blue.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy First Birthday Seth & Tyler!

This week our good friends Seth & Tyler Lott turned 1 and yesterday they had their birthday party! It was "lotts" of fun and great to catch up with their mamma & daddy- we can't wait for y'all to get back up here for good!

After we'd been there for about an hour Wilson looked at me and said, "These are the same babies!" He had a great time testing out all their new toys while they ate the wrapping paper.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Few More Quotes From Wilson

As usual, I remembered a few more the day after I posted!!

We were at my aunt's in Memphis a few weeks ago, swimming in her pool. My mom kept asking Wilson to jump in to her and he kept saying, "no, not right now." So finally she said, "well when, do I have to make an appointment!?" He turned to her and said "NO, NO PAPPOINTMENTS!!" and ran away.

One of the few things that remains okay for me to eat (who knows why) is Cool Ranch Doritos. I had had some for a snack yesterday and later gave Wilson a kiss on the cheek. He said,"ooo, mamma, you stinky!" I said what are you talking about?! He came back and sniffed around my face and said, "yea, you stinky!" I think I remember why I quit eating Cool Ranch Doritos like 15 years ago.

I'm sure there will be more to follow . . .

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Few New Quotes from WEE

We are still playing "poop for prizes" around here and things are going much better. Today he let me know he needed to go and I told him he'd get the new puzzle he'd picked out. As he was on the potty "pushing"- "allllmooost theeere . . . alllmooost goot my puuuuzzle. . . .almost there . . . "

Tonight I let him know that he had to stay in bed- if I heard him come out or turn his light on, I'd come back and spank him- "and you'll bring a spoon?" yes, I'll bring a spoon "and you have a spoon in your purse?" yes, I still have a spoon in my purse. I guess he's just making sure he knows where they all are.

My dad and brother just got home from a 5 week trip to Alaska. After I had talked to them for the first time, I said "Wilson, guess who's home?" "BIG DADDY & UNCA JOHN!?" "Yeah- we're going to go see them" "And Big Daddy's gonna love me and John's gonna pick me up and love me"

Currently he's quite excited about his new sibling and talks about Shu-shu all of the time "shu-shu's gonna pat me on the back" "shu-shu's gonna play with this truck" "we'll put shu-shu in her bed and she'll love her lion". He's quite certain "shu-shu" is a girl and apparently that she's going to think he hung the moon and will be ready and willing to massage him, play trucks, and go to bed upon command. I should have been so specific in my hopes for him!

This week we've had Bible School and he's been pretty excited about going. The second day he came running through the kitchen saying, "I turn da TV off, let's get my shoes, it's time to go!"

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ONE HUNDRED and how many days?!

Did I miss read it, or does the ticker really say that I'm going to be pregnant for the REST OF MY LIFE? I haven't blogged in a while because I'm basically sticking to the "if you don't have anything nice to say . . . " philosophy. So if you want the honest truth I have really been feeling pretty cruddy for the past, oh, let's just say several months. The other night after having been sick, yet again, Phil said, "I guess Shu Shu (Wilson's nick name for the baby) is a picky eater." I think Shu Shu is a picky gestater. I tried to make myself feel better on the 8th, because I looked down saw that it was the 8th and said okay, at this time in how many months, I'll be packing my suitcase to go to the hospital tomorrow (I'm assuming my section date will be Jan. 9). It came out to 6 months and that was no consolation. If anyone has a flux capacitor in their possession, I'm in dire need of some time travel.

Maybe in a couple of days I'll share some pictures of the 3 trips we've been on in the last 3 weeks. I'll just have to get some files from various people, I keep forgetting to take my camera with me. I need to get a purse sized one, so I "never leave home with out it".

Monday, July 02, 2007

Ode to Jack

Jack has begun his own page for those of you who may be interested. We love you Jack Man!