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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

For the Loyal Jack Fans

I've caught a little grief for not keeping up with Jack's blog as some of you think I should. For you few, I'll direct you to look back in this blog's archives where I wrote extensively on the topic of "I'm no Good at Daily Journaling, Therefore Don't Expect Very Regular Posts". Then I'll add that I don't really remember how to log into his account to update. So, I'll fill you in on him on our regular, family blog. Last weekend we rented a Rug Doctor from the grocery store to clean the carpet in our bedroom. Jack was less than thrilled with our weekend guest. Here's a video of him bravely defending us from it. The video would be longer, but our memory card won't hold a solid weekend's worth of his "bravery" (And it did last all weekend, except for when I scared the pee-willy out of him by opening the laundry door which is behind it in the picture. Apparently he takes after me, gets a little focused on the task at hand and any sudden movement in the periphery can give him a heart attack. He also ran for the hills anytime it was on, but other than that, a true stoic.)

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Allison McCool said...

I am laughing histarically! We have a female black lab that would probably act the same way...the vacuum cleaner gives her fits! I hope all is well with yall!