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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yet Another Good Report

Yesterday I had my regularly scheduled appointment with my doctor. It was the third ring of the circus that this pregnancy has become! About 40 minutes after I'd gotten there, someone called my name to come back. I turned around and it was the sonogram tech. I walked over and asked, "Am I seeing you today!?" She replied yes, if that's okay. I let her know that I had just been to see Dr. Perry about 2 days before so she said, well come on in and let me go check and see if they still want the sono. She came back and said, never mind- they don't need one today, go back to the waiting room, they'll call you back later. About another 45 minutes goes by and my name is called again. I turn around to see, who else, the same sonogram tech. She said never mind, the doc changed her mind, the report hasn't come down from Dr. Perry yet, we're going to do it. So we go back and do the second sonogram for this baby in less than a week. After that I went back to the waiting room. The nurse came and got me a few minutes later and took me back to have my bp taken and to talk to my doctor in her office. During the conversation we talked about how often I needed to be eating and it came up that I hadn't eaten since about 1:00- it was now 4:00. She said, "Yeah, it's probably about time for you to eat again" in a tsk, tsk kind of tone. Well you know what, if y'all would decide what you need me here for, when I actually need to have what done, or at least install some vending machines, I might could stick to your eat every two hours schedule!

Here are the latest pictures of our Shu Shu- the most photographed fetus this side of the MS (we're up to 5 sonograms in only 18 weeks!) She was a pretty big wiggle worm this time, so the pictures are all sort of blurry- here's the best 2 out of 5.

Hand on forehead- "I can't believe you didn't bring the video tape or dad or my brother this time!"

Full profile- she has legs!


Mary Katherine said...

confused! what is going on?

Emma B. said...

Heh on the ultrasound count -- I think our final tally was somewhere around 30 by the time the girls were born.

How exciting that you're pregnant again, and that you're having a girl!

-- Atlee (aka Emma B)