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Friday, September 15, 2006

Not much going on here

For some reason this post didn't get published . . .
I guess the biggest news around here is "Jeep, boken" & "Sally, gone, gone". Yes, sadly the Jeep that Wilson got from the dentist has one wheel that was badly mauled by Tate and we have not seen Sally (the little blue Porshe from Cars) in days- let us know if you have any leads. Also, Wilson's great-grandmother's sitter has, again, gone well above and beyond the call of duty and collected all the Hummer McDonald's Happy Meal Toys. We went to visit her last night before our swimming lesson and Marilyn took him back to Nan's room and opened a dresser drawer to reveal about seven new trucks- one even lights up when you roll it! No ninety year old grandmother has ever been cooler!! I had to drag Wilson out of the retirement home to go swimming (mind you he was carrying all the trucks with him). I guess he was scared to leave the source.

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