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Friday, May 08, 2009

Can you say . . .

 . . . Miller?

 . . . Wilson?

Miller is really starting to get chatty and can repeat (in some shape or fashion) most words  you ask her to say (despite the fact that her left tube is yet again clogged and infected)!!

Other new words- shoe (she is constantly bringing us our shoes), baby (whom she makes drinking sounds for as she feeds it it's bottle, then says "ahhh", she could also be asking you to read one of her Princess Baby books) duck qua- qua- qua, cup cup, cacker(used to get any time of food, not just crackers) side-side (outside).  She also knows a few animal sounds and was just playing with a "ca"(car).  

She loves to talk on anybody's cell phone, iphone, blackberry, remote control, ipod or anything else that can remotely resemble a telephone.  She picks it up says "hiyo", puts the phone between her face and shoulder and wanders around babbling, then says "bye bye" and closes or puts down the phone.  One day Wilson was at a friend's house and the friend's mom was trying to call to let me know it was time for Wilson to come home.  An hour after she called I happen to check my email and we had a voicemail.  Hmm, that's odd- I didn't hear the phone ring.  That's because little Miss Moo had had the phone off the hook for the past 125 minutes!!

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