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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Announcement

Miller tee-teed on the potty for the first time last night. She's been sitting on it regularly for a while now with no success. Quite often she'll stand up and go on the floor while walking to the tub for her bath. But last night while Daddy was doing bath duty she did it!! I would say I'm sorry I wasn't there to witness it. But apparently she was so excited when it happened that she stood up, the potty stuck to her little booty, and spilled all over the floor! Oh well, you take what you can get. What a big girl!

Other 18 month milestones:
  • about 26 pounds and maybe 32" tall (they forgot to give me a milestone sheet at our checkup the other day)
  • is easily appeased after shots with a sucker (she was screaming bloody murder after she got her boosters and I said between wails "do you want to go get a sucker?" she sniffled a little and said "cucker?" and that was the last of the tears!)
  • using manners- please, thank you, bye bye while blowing a kiss, mam mam (yes 'mam)
  • identifying who things belong to (apparently I own nothing- she walks around the house pointing to things and either saying daddy, ison (wilson), or jack jack)
  • willfully tosses her paci into her bed without being asked when she gets up in the morning
  • happily goes to bed at naptime or bedtime- "Miller do you want to go to bed?" "beah (bed), paci, bye, bye (to anyone else in the room)" and of course a kiss
  • anytime you put her on the changing table she asks for a "bacet" (bracelet)
  • she loves to color (cucker) on anything and with anything
  • counts to two- which is pretty funny because once she starts she gets stuck in a loop of one, two, one two, one, two . . .
  • knows the first catechism question (little ears ARE always listening- she picked this up after a couple of days of hearing me do questions with Wilson)
  • she loves her babies
  • plays by herself really well
  • says cracker when we get to church on Sunday mornings and runs in to her teachers
  • throws a really good fit when she doesn't get her way, complete with screaming, pulling of her clothes, writhing around on the floor, and throwing anything within her reach for dramatic effect
  • she climbs out of her hook on high chair as soon as you turn you back and is in the middle of the table pulling flowers out of the vase or throwing plates and forks on the floor
  • loves animals especially ducks and turtles- knows several animal sounds
  • is officially off of milk until further notice- we are fairly certain that this is what is behind her ear trouble. She does eat milk products and would not be harmed by drinking a cup a milk if it were given to her, but apparently drinking it several times a day builds up and causes a nasal allergic reaction which in turn backs up into her ears. Instead she drinks water or straight juice and takes a couple of vitamin gummy bears and a viactiv every day.
  • has hair that is finally long enough for some very small (and very cute) pig tails

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The Kosko Family said...

just now reading this! way to go miller!! big girl!!!
caroline isn't far behind you! she's been tee-teeing too! not super regularly, but she knows how and will do it know eliza kate was almost 3 before she ever got the hang of it, so caroline is super advanced for our family!