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Monday, October 05, 2009


Miller finally has some boots that fit- and she's in love! I got her some rubber boots this spring anticipating that she would grow into them, but apparently I was a little ambitious. I have a basket of "yard shoes" by our back door and whenever she wants to go out to play she tries to put her boots on, but then walks right out of them! These new ones are great. They're a sort of vinyl fabric with felt inside. They Velcro all the way up and you can fold the sides down to get her little foot in- so much easier than the rubber ones (which are supper cute cows, complete with a tail hanging off the back- maybe next year!). Below is Wilson sporting the same outfit at about 17 months.

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Pat Pat said...

This girl is so funny with her shoes! The boots are adorable! That picture of Wilson is still one of my favorites of him.