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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The following is from a fellow AP (adoptive parent) from her FB (facebook) page today.  I left the names off just in case their "neighbors that they didn't friend" happen to read my blog- lol.

Status: "xxxx thinks it is funny how I used to find folks from the Holt BB [bulletin board- where all the mammas get together online to ask questions, get advice, vent frustration, share excitement over a piece of paper coming in the mail, etc] on Facebook and be tempted to request their friendship, but was afraid they'd think I was a crazy stalker. Now, over half of my friends list has at least one little Asian cutie in the profile picture. :) I love my AP friends!"

Comment #4: " I won't accept someone who lives down the street that I don't know really well, but if they are an AP mom I'll accept them every time. :)"

Comment #5: "Well our fellow AP have been checked by the FBI, BCI, had a child abuse clearance and check by the Dept of Homeland security! Plus they have cute kids. LOL! The neighbors have not been checked by all of those people and they can't have kids as cute as ours!! LOL!!!!!"

Hmmm- so that's why I've never felt awkward "talking" to all these strangers about my children. 

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