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Monday, January 23, 2012

Playtime in October

Bomgar Backyard Burger Bash
Basically Daddy's company picnic, but the picinic is Backyard Burger brings a grill cooks dinner- yum!

This balloon guy is so much fun- we love his veggie tale get up!  The girls had so much fun going back over and over again to get new balloon sculptures!
Eliza Grace was also a big fan of her own personal bag of Cheetos!
EG has apparently been taking fashion lessons from her sister and is completely proud of it!
watching Wilson play flag football
Eliza Grace with her buddy Jane Riley (these South Koreans are officially Southern with their double names!)  Jane Riley is a Holt baby, as well and is one year older that Eliza Grace.  They've had so much fun getting to know each other!
Welcome home Betsy- all the way from Russia, finally!!!

Eliza Grace and her partner in crime, Mabry, playing in the dirt.  Yes, there is a WHOLE playground that they are looking at, but dumping dirt on each other's heads is, of course, much more fun!

Meeting Aunt Lauren for the first time.  Putting her English degree to it's test with a board book!

Miller and Caroline soaking in the State Fair

Eliza Grace's first craft!!  We had so much fun doing her handprint art.

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