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Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Love/"Tate" Relationship

Pardon the pun, but that is what the last few days have been all about. Tate (one of our Wire Fox Terriers) and Wilson, laughing and barking, screaming and snapping, chasing and playing. As soon as Tate got over his initial uncertainty of Wilson when we came home from the hospital- he took right to him (see the photo below). As soon as Wilson got to be mobile he thought he was even more fun (this was the point when Jack the other WFT decided that he really wanted no part of Wilson and has been hiding under our bed sense!).

Last night I got Wilson into the bath and went in his room to put up his dirty laundry and get his room ready for bedtime. It got sort of quiet in the bathroom, so I went to check on him. There was Wilson splashing around with his good buddy Tate. Tate looked up at me with water pouring down his beard as if to say, "Isn't this guy great. He takes a bath and let's me drink the water!! What a pal." Phil mentioned one night that Wilson was laying on his stomach in the tub drinking the water- I think we've closed the case on where he learned that!

Wilson's latest acquisition is a Fisher Price Bubble Lawn Mower. He thinks its great although he does prefer to call it a car. The first few times he used it he would stop as soon as the bubbles would come out completely baffled as to where they came from. Bubbles are about the only thing that all three of my little boys (Jack, Tate, &Wilson) can agree on. The dogs LOVE bubbles. They go nuts- back legs several feet of the ground in an attempt to catch every last bubble blown. The mower is just too much fun for them. It makes load noises that are fun to bark at and then, at random, produces bubbles to terminate. Jack has a great time chasing them, but Tate takes it a little too serious at times. He decided to got straight to the source and runs along side Wilson with his snout in the bubble blower licking the soap thereby preventing bubble formation. Then just to really let the mower know who's boss- he grabs onto the front tire and gives it a good shake. Wilson is infuriated- "Ta-Ta!" he screams (mimicking me, I call him Tate-Tate). Tate backs off for a brief moment, beard full of soap suds. We eventually have to put Tate in, but he continues to lay down the law from the back door window. And, yes, we mow the yard in our pajamas!!

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Pat Pat said...

There's NEVER a dull moment at your house is there?!! What a hoot!