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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Only in the South

In Mississippi if your social status does not qualify you for an invitation to join the country club, you put in a pool. If you don't have the money for that, you purchase and above ground pool (I love how the TV ads always end with "Land owners only, please". As if to say, "we don't care how long the double wide has been in your family, if the deed to land surrounding it doesn't have YOUR name on it, we ain't brining you a pool or the free deck"). And if you're just "dirt- flo'- po'", as we are, you just pull out the sprinkler and watch your kids turn the yard to mud. (You might be wondering why I skipped over the plastic wading pool- any seasoned Mississippian knows that one good tornado and that pool will be blown back to the Wal-Mart from whence it came.)

Wilson had his first experience playing in the sprinkler this weekend. He and Tate had a blast. Tate views the water coming from the sprinkler much like the bubbles coming from the lawn mower- it must be eliminated. I wish I could attach the video of it- Wilson was just rolling at Tate, the cutest laugh you've ever heard. He finally got the hang of what was going on and started waving his hands through the streams of water. He had a great time. Unfortunately, Tate's 17 pound body can only hold so much water so he had to spend the rest of the evening outside, shall we say, "draining".

A few more updates-
Wilson has become even more enamored with his Daddy than he already was. One day I was checking my email and had the back door open. I heard this metal on concrete scrapping sound and went out to find Wilson holding both parts of the pooper scooper in his hands exactly as you're supposed to hold them. He looked up at me and said "Daddy". I don't know if he was telling me he was being like Daddy or if he was letting me know that the pooper scooper is Daddy's toy, but it was too cute. He also goes through the closet pulling the sleeve of each of Phil's shirts saying daddy, daddy, daddy. All day long it's daddy, daddy, daddy. He looks for him everywhere, if he sees a grey car he thinks it's daddy's, if he hears me open the door to the garage he says "daddy?" thinking he's home from work. And then when Daddy does finally walk in the door- oh boy! You have never seen a happier child.

Hopefully Wilson will be going down for a nap soon and then it's off to Petsmart. We have a new turtle. He's about as big around as a golf ball and we rescued him from Wilson's great-granddaddy Pop's dogs. Right now we're calling him Giggle because that's what comes out when Wilson tries to say turtle. Then I guess we'll spend the rest of the afternoon in the sprinkler. After all, where else but in the South is warm enough for water play before Easter Sunday. Don't tell anyone, but we've also been wearing open toed shoes!


adam's mommy said...

You absolutely make my day everytime you post something! You couldn't have said it better about the south. Great news from our house-Andy killed a turkey!

Pat Pat said...

Wilson is a true southern boy! He truly lives up to the definition of "What are little boys made of? Frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails . . ." That's Wilson!

Tyler's Mommy said...

Wilson is too cute! I am going to have to try the sprinklers with him this weekend and see what happens..I will post! Love to you all...Happy Easter too!