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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Latest product Review

I thought I'd fill you all in on a great little product I picked up at the grocery store this week. It is called Shout Color Catcher. They are little sheets you throw in the wash with your clothes. They catch all the excess dye floating around thereby keeping your clothes brighter. This is great news for sloths like me who refuse to sort laundry and throw it all in on warm and hope for the best! It might be a time saver and a small step towards a more relaxed lifestyle for those of you who keep two laundry baskets- one for whites/one for colors (you probably also obey the handwash only warning too!). Anyway, to the left you can see the box and a before and after shot of the sheet. Wilson's new red swimsuit was in this load and none of our white socks are pink!! Happy washing!


Anonymous said...

My wife, the shameless product plugger! Seriously, you should consider getting paid to post stuff like this. Great tip though, dear.


Pat Pat said...

Maggs, you are a HOOT!! I have a good one, too . . .there's a product called "Lingerie Mate" for those who do wash out unmentionables (I've only started doing that b/c of the price I paid for those items at a specialty store here in town). All you have to do is put a capful of the product in the sink w/ about a gallon of tepid water and leave your unmentionables in there for 3 minutes. Then you wring them out and hang them up to dry--no rinsing, not scrubbing, etc. It works great and saves all that expensive lycra!

Hey, maybe we should do a Heloise Hints type forum ... Yeah, right!

adam's mommy said...

I'm so glad that I have Maggie to make me feel better about my laundry. Since Andy and I got married, he has taught me to just toss it all in together and wash in cold water. Now, I can purchase these nifty sheets and wash in warm! My other tip on laundry is that I toss the cap of detergent in with the laundry, so I don't have to rinse it out. Just make sure you get it out before putting it in the dryer, or it will wake your sleeping baby!

Maggs said...

Are you kidding me?! You rinse the detergent cap? Never in a million years would that have ever even occurred to me!! Andy really has turned you OCD. You should be kidnapped and reprogrammed!!

adam's mommy said...

Really, the plastic cap says...toss in wash or rinse after use. I was just following instructions. Pat Pat got a kick out of it as well!