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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Well, little Wilson's world has just gotten 110% better. The Cars movie marketing paraphanalia has hit the shelves. We got back from the grocery store just a little while ago where we saw Cars graham crackers, Cars cereal, Cars Pull Ups, & everything else imaginable! We got home and I had snuck a box of the Cars grahams in our bags. Wilson was ecstatic! He didn't know whether to drive them or eat them! He wound up taking them to the water trough on his farm for a drink of water he was so overjoyed. Later we were getting ready for his bath and he sat on the "po-ti" and actually went, so he got another car cookie that I had hidden in the bathroom cabinet. Well he couldn't have been happier if I had driven an actual Ferrari into the tub! He started squealing "ge-own, ge-own" (get down! get down!) I took him off the potty and he ran (in nothing but his hippo t-shirt and an ear-to-ear grin) screaming "Daddy! Daddy!". He found his daddy and spouted off the most excited bunch of garble I have ever heard. "Da-i-po-ti-cawr-caker" which I can only loosely translate as "DAD, YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO BELIEVE IT! I JUST PEED ON THE POTTY AND MOM GAVE ME THIS SUPER COOL CAR SHAPED CRACKER!" He was so proud. . . and so were we.

Seeing all of the Cars marketing has been fun. Needless to say, we are eagerly awaiting the premier of Disney's Cars. While it's hard to miss all of the Cars products a few new marketing ploys have caught my eye recently. Are we all getting excited about David Blane's special tomorrow night? I am a fan of the illusionist, he always leaves me scratching my head. But this time I'm scratching my head for another reason. The name of the special is Drowned Alive. I have to ask, "Can anyone think of any other way to be drowned?". Secondly, there is a new product on the breakfast foods aisle of your grocery store. It's from one of our favorites- Kellogg's Poptarts. They're called Go-Tarts and, I kid you not, the tagline for this product is something like "Everything you love about Poptarts, only easier." Was anyone terribly confused by the original product? Didn't the Pop-Tart already simply our morning routines by ending the need to make fruit filled pastries from scratch. Anyone run late for work and when questioned by the boss answered, "Sorry, sir, but it's just those Pop-Tarts. If they could just somehow simplify that confounding pastry in a foil package."? Apparently by reducing the size of the bar by half and only putting one in a package, our lives are now much better off. I know I'll never be late again!

Hope you all have a great week!!


Pat Pat said...

I was wondering if Wilson's going to get to go to the BIG movie house to see the "Cawrs" movie?! It looks cute--I'm so proud of him getting to be such a big boy with his potty rewards!!

adam's mommy said...

WOHOO for the big boy potty! We are so proud of you Wilson!