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Monday, August 28, 2006

Just In Case

you missed his obituary, Wilson "died and went to Heaven" this morning. At about 9:00 am we heard all sorts of celestial noises as his chairiots came to retrieve him. They are pictured below.

Actually, for some reason, unknow to me, the city decided to repair the sidewalk that is falling apart in front of our house. These guys showed up this morning, and luckily, for their sake, Wilson was home to supervise their work. I'm sure they were thrilled with our not- so- stand-offish observing and the many photo ops. They were probably thinking, "Well if I'd know I's gone get my picture taken- I'da worn the good coveralls. Sheesh!"


Tyler's Mommy said...

One question?
Have you ever thought of writing a book!!!!!! You not only have the perfect way of capturing Wilson growing up, you are hilarious!

adam's mommy said...

I can just hear it now "truck" "truck" "big truck" "big truck"! Oh, how I wish I was there to see his face! I think he will be dreaming about the trucks tonight:)!

Pat Pat said...

What can top this day?!

Anonymous said...

Maggie, I love your postings! You have John and me laughing with you at Wilson's adventures. It reminds me of the boys when they were little--it goes too fast! Keep up the great writing--you have a very special subject!
Patrice Worley