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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Does the ticker at the top REALLY say that my baby is two years old!? I would say it's hard to believe if we hadn't ushered in the first full day of being two by him spraying furniture polish in his eyes while I "turned my head for one second"! Even so, it really is hard to believe how fast he's growing up. I've heard that every age will be your favorite age, and so far that is true. I saw a friend's mom last night and as we were catching up I mentioned that Wilson had turned two yesterday. She said two is such a fun age. I replied, "from your mouth to God's ears!" She said, "I was lying. Three is really fun, two is crazy." Then she reminded me that she did it three times- all with boys. YIKES! But so far, this is truly our favorite time with him. It is so much fun to watch his personality and intellect develop. People say he looks like me & I say he definitely has his dad's personality quirkiness. It's amazing how he has developed some of the same minor personality traits as his dad's- He goes into a trance if you begin to lightly scratch his face, he can't stand to have dirt or water on him if it wasn't his idea, he knows exactly how he wants his things & won't stand for them to be in any other order, and don't even think about pushing back meal time!! He's very shy until he warms up to you, and then it can be hard to get him to quit putting on a show for you. (Sorry for putting your eccentricities into print, dear, but let's face it, most of the people reading this already know about them- and love you anyway!) He's beginning to understand jokes and has come up with a few of his own, which has been a real treat for his mom & dad. He adores all his aunts, uncles, and grandparents (mostly because they all have vehicles and a few of them even have trucks!). He is of course still enamored with all things that roll and he loves to be outside. We all had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating Wilson's second year of life and Phil & my second anniversary on this roller coaster called parenthood. Below are some pictures and as I type I'm uploading a video (not sure if it will load before or after this post).

A few of the guests we were honored to have- Aunt Lauren, Big Daddy, Papa, & Nanny

Nathan (the Birthday boy's best guy pal), Mamma, & Wilson going down the slide

Big Daddy Pushing Wilson in the swing

My two favorite men

A new family tradition- a piece of Birthday "Punkin" Pie

A park full of play equipment and where do the little boys end up? In the ditch!

YUM! Birthday cake!

Wilson & Nathan

Eliza Kate & Baby Taylor enjoying the swings

Wilson, Mamma, Cousin Baby Adam, & Aunt Ashley

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Tyler's Mommy said...

Happy birthday Wilson!
It looks like you had a great time and Maggie..the train table is very cool! Love, Colin