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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wilson Wit and Wisdom

A few months ago Wilson went into a maternity store dressing room with me. I had several things to try on, one was a dress. I got the dress over my head and shoulders, but that was as far as it was going. When I tried taking it off, it was quite apparent that it was not going the other direction either. After a few tugs and hearing a few threads pop, I called the cashier to come remove me from her merchandise. This was apparently more embarrassing for Wilson that it was for me because several weeks later we were in another store and as I entered the dressing room with an arm load of potential purchases, Wilson stopped. He looked at me and said, "Mom, you not gonna get stuck"!!

Our best pal, Nathan had his birthday party a couple of weeks ago. It was a bug party and everyone had a blast. As a favor he gave out small, plastic magnifying glasses and plastic bugs. Wilson has been attached to these treasures like they were gold since we left the Werne's house. He momentarily left them on the coffee table and went into another room while we were at my mom's a few days ago. His daddy picked it up and, being his "curious" self, began to fiddle with it, ending in the glass coming off of the handle (in his own words, Pat Pat & Paw you'll appreciate this, "it came apart"). He slyly stuck the glass back on the handle and waited for Wilson to return. As soon as Wilson picked it up, the pieces of course "came apart" again. Phil gasped as if in shock and asked what happened. Wilson looked right at him and said "who did it!?"

Wilson is very aware of any and all flags flying right now and lets you know when there is an American flag or a Mississippi one. We were watching a video the other day and he recognized that there was a flag on a ship, but didn't know which it was. I explained that it was the French flag- it goes with the country France. When I asked him what country we live in he replied "Big Daddy's country" (my dad's undeveloped land near Pisgah).

"Where's my Granna . . . where's my Granddaddy . . . where's my Grandjohn?" (that would be my 18 year old brother) I said where's John? "He's in Mississippi" (he's currently a freshman at MS State).

After asking him multiple questions about his day at preschool, "Mama, your driving me peanuts!" I guess a combination of me telling him he's driving me crazy and making me nuts.


Lauren said...

Looks like he takes after his Aunt Amy with mixing metaphors.

adam's mommy said...

Too too funny! I love the Mama, your driving me peanuts! comment. I'm sure I make Adam insane too. You always brighten my day!

Anonymous said...

This is some of the funniest stuff I've ever heard! "Kids say the darnest things" as I've heard before. What a hoot! I guess we all need to take note of not driving Wilson "peanuts" when we're around him! P2

Emily said...

It makes my day to read your postings. I just keep hoping that when Noah can talk, he will be close to as entertaining as Wilson. Currently he mostly says words that start with "B."