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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

St. Patty's Race

Wilson's number

The whole fam headed out bright and early last Saturday to participate/cheer on the racers in the 5k and 1mile St. Patrick's Day Races benefiting the Children's Hospital. This year was especially meaningful for Phil & his office as his manager's son has recently been diagnosed with cancer and everyone from the office participating did so in a "Running for Ryan" Bomgar shirt. It's always fun to go to this race because everyone's dressed in green except the Bomgar team. Those 30 or so orange shirts stick out like sore thumbs and makes it really easy to spot everyone and cheer them on.
Phil finished the 5k and took a few minutes off his time from last year. He got a banana, a cup of water, and then headed to the starting line again to run the 1 mile with Wilson. This was Wilson's first race, but he was so excited (he says he "took a race"). He had a great time and from what I understand ran most of the mile (leaving tired dad in the dust a couple of times). I do know he was running his heart out with a big smile on his face as he neared the finish line. He saw me cheering and thought he was done! He started running over to me to give me a hug- I nudged him back into the crowd and told him to head for the finish line!
We hung around this year to hear the results of the 5K and to see how the Bomgar team did. They got third- way to go guys! We were all getting a little disappointed because apparently they've cut out doing participation medals for the fun run (which is fine, but they advertised that there were going to be medals for everyone who participated, and Wilson was of course wondering where his "surprise" (as he called it) was). So, we waited a little bit longer to hear the results of the 1 mile. We couldn't believe it! With a time of something like 12 minutes 20 seconds, Wilson placed third in the 5 and under category!! We are so proud of the little guy.

Way to go Dad!!
"Visualize the Finish Line"
Here they come!
What a grin
Crossing the finish line
"Taking a race" is hard work, but someone's got to do it!


Pat Pat said...

These pictures are precious. My favorite one is the view from behind--reminds me of the first one you took when Wilson was barely sitting up and he's beside Phil on the patio. What a great series of pictures! Phil still has beautiful form running--he makes his mama proud! :)

Connie Taylor said...

Way to go Wilson!! I am so proud of you. You are a great singer too and I know you love school! Thanks for always singing for me and for being so good in music. I love you,
"Ms Connie Taylor"

Lauren Hayes said...

What a great surprise to see a comment from Connie Taylor-hello from Birmingham if you happen to see this! Way to go Phil AND Wilson-I am super proud to be 20+ yrs Wilson's senior and he could run circles around me anyday! I love your pictures-know you made Little Ryan proud too!

-phil said...

Hey, here are the results of the race if you're interested!

Mysti Chustz said...

That is just priceless:)
I'm sure it is hard "taking a race", I, for one would not know!