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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Anyone Else Dream About Possums Last Night?

I did. The following took place under the deck in our backyard. It did not end well for the possum. Unfortunately it was a fighter and it took the better part of the afternoon and evening to die. Another big thank you to our neighbor Will for coming to our rescue. These things always happen when Phil has a meeting after work. Jack is really good at being a wire fox terrier (click & scroll down to "origin"). He was in our backyard going ballistic- I could hear him all the way upstairs. I went out to see what in the holy heck he was barking at and couldn't find him. He was under the deck, nose to nose scraping with this possum. I tried to remain calm but was really worried about Jack's underbelly coming into contact with possum claws. And, as I said, he's really good at being a WFT- he isn't going to leave something in a hole until it's got a gun pointed at its head. It's what they're bread for- no training required as you'll see in the video. Thankfully the possum grew tired of fighting and ran to an area under the deck where he Jack were separated by a joist. That's where our video picks up- I could be composed enough to video! I'll spare you all the gory details but Phil came home from work and attempted to, well you know, in the afternoon when Jack discovered it but we had to wait for Will to get home to finish the job with a more powerful weapon. It was a long day. Jack was worn out and extremely dirty. I'm thinking about tearing out the deck this weekend- anyone want to get some frustration out with a sledge hammer? Dirt cheap therapy, this Saturday, my backyard.

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