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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Miller's new spot

Wilson gave Miller this baby doll high chair for her birthday. He was so excited about it he couldn't wait for her real b'day for her to open, she opened on her "party day". Which left me with a 2 year old insisting on her new toy, about 1000 screws and pieces of pink particle board cut loosely in the shape of a high chair, 5- 2year olds on there way to my house, and a 5 year old who lost interest after the paper came off and was no help what so ever! We got it put together, but Miller did not get to eat breakfast before her party. She made up for it that night, though. She put her PJ's on and I turned around to find HER squeezed into the baby chair. Notice the tummy hanging over the tray. What a mess.
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