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Friday, April 30, 2010

Little Ears

They are listening to their big brother. 

Wilson, always one for logic and reason, rarely makes a statement or request that isn't followed by a "because . . ."  For example. I'll just put these toys on the stairs because I'm not going to my room right now or Can I have some candy now because I ate all my breakfast or No, I don't have to go to the bathroom right now because I'm going outside and I can just go out there if I need to.  Mind you not always MY logic or reason, but there's ALWAYS a reason behind what he does or wants to do and he's ready to let you know.

This morning as I was bringing Miller downstairs and the rest of the house was still sleeping she says to me, "Well . . . I'll just watch Tinka Bell 'cause ess not too woud" (it's not too loud)

One of Wilson favorite new things is knock knock jokes which are regularly tried out around the dinner table.

Wilson to us: Knock Knock
Us: Who's there?
Wilson: Interrupting cow
Us: Interrupting co--
Wilson: MOOOOOO!

We all laugh.

Miller to us: Knock Knock
Us: Who's there?
Miller:  umm ... UNCLE JOHN!

We all laugh again.

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Lauren Hayes said...

Hey Mags! Love all of the updates and love your new background! Are you doing photography too? What can you NOT do?? Your kids are the most precious stinkin funny kids I have ever seen...and you look FABULOUS!! Hope to see you soon, friend!!!!!