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Monday, May 03, 2010

Even When Your Arm is Broken . . .

. . . never give up on accessories (or dancing)!

I thought one bling glued to the cast might help Miller's feelings a bit. I was wrong- 6 is the magic number!

Miss Priss decided Saturday that climbing out of her crib would be more fun than taking a nap. Well, it's certainly gotten her more attention than taking a nap. She fell and broke her arm. Fortunately Paw got us fixed up for the weekend and then we went in today to get an x-ray and an official diagnosis (which worked out well for Wilson- now he has something to take to school for the letter "X"). We go back in three weeks for a check up and to hopefully get rid of the "big sticker" as Miller calls is. "Iss kinda hard" she says. And maybe we'll go pick up a big girl mattress for the floor tonight!

Paw putting on the temporary cast


Lauren Hayes said...

Oh my-Maggie, I am so sorry for sweet little Miller! Bless her little heart...I hope she isn't hurting too much! Give that sweet girl a hug from me-in the meantime, a big girl bed sounds like a great idea! So sorry!!!!

The Kosko Family said...

oh no oh no! miller, don't go giving caroline any ideas, you hear me? advice, but no ideas!