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Sunday, September 05, 2010

First Days of School

Having lunch and swimming after the first day of school
Wilson with his teacher, Mrs. Maris, getting in the car after a hard day of kindergarten.

Wilson was a little apprehensive about starting school, so there was no way I was going to get a traditional "first day of school" picture- I had to improvise and sneak up on him in carpool line with the camera!  While he wasn't so sure about starting kindergarten, he's loving it now.  He looks so big in his uniform!  The kindergartners get tote bags to decorate instead of using backpacks.  We cut the letters of his name out of spiderman and batman fabrics, ironed them on, and painted around them.  It is a hit!  His first project of the year was to memorize his address and phone number and recite it to his teacher.  When everyone has said their's, they get a pizza party.  He was so proud when he was able to do it!!

Miller after her first day of Preschool.  She's telling me that they played in the gym and that there were basketballs stuck WAAAY up high, and she didn't have a ladder, and a man will have to get them, and . . . .

The basketballs and the gym were the highlight for the first few days of school- so funny what sticks out to a two year old!

She is loving school and has been so excited all summer about starting.  Whenever school would cross her mind she launch into a dissertation on preschool.  "I'm gonna go to school, and Caroline's gonna be there, and I'm gonna paint, and Caroline's gonna color, and I'm gonna sit right here (pointing to a picture of a seesaw in My Preschool by Anne Rockwell), and Caroline's gonna sit right there (pointing to the other end of the seesaw), and . . ."  She loves her teacher Mrs. "Feather" (Mrs. Heather).  It also helps that there is a life size picture of the preschool director dressed like Snow White (Miller's FAVORITE princess) right when you walk in the door.  She thinks Snow White is at her school!  She's going to start Jazz dance class this week- I can't wait to hear all about it!
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Alison said...

Awww! They are just too cute! Can't wait to meet them "in real life"! My kids will love playing with them! :)