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Friday, September 03, 2010


So here's an update on the last post.  If you look over at the adoption timeline, you'll see that a couple of weeks ago we asked to be considered for a baby girl that was on the waiting child list for South Korea with our agency.  We reviewed her records and filled out a questionnaire for the committee at Holt in Oregon.  This committee takes the questionnaires from the families interested in the child (usually only 2 families) and reviews those answers and the child's profile to select the best match for the child.  Earlier this week someone from the waiting child program called to let us know that there would be four families going to committee for this little girl and that one of those families is Asian- the committee typically likes to match by race if possible.  She then asked if would still like to continue with the committee process knowing this.  I asked if it was now impossible for us to be matched with this baby and she said no, just unlikely.  We decided we would proceed- we wouldn't be the ones to close this door. 

Yesterday at 2:00 the committee met and at about 2:40 we were informed that this sweet baby girl had found a home, just not our's.  I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a little disappointing even though we knew it was a long shot.  But we are so happy that this precious one is on the road to a permanent home and that she had so many mammas and daddy's requesting her.  Praise God that He  knew who her parents would be before he even said, "Let there be light"!  What an awesome thought. 

So now we continue working on our home study and waiting for a referral, unless we see another child that calls to us from the waiting child list.  We were also informed yesterday that because we've gone through the committee process, we're now on the list to get a referral even before our home study is completed.  We're one step closer!   

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Alison said...

Maybe this was just God's way of getting you a little closer to your child! Not having to be through with the home study is HUGE! Can't wait to see the perfect child that He puts in your family!!