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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What If- The Personhood Amendment

What if there’s a rape?  What if we laid down our life and picked up our cross and followed?

What if I’m unable to have my own children and limits may be placed on medical options?  What if there are millions of children around the world waiting in the fields of the fatherless for us to realize that they are already ours?

What if a new life is putting my life in danger?  What if the number of hairs on your head is known and that a sparrow does not fall unnoticed.  If the birds don’t worry- why should we.  Doctors will be allowed to care for us.

What if I don’t trust our lawmakers to sort things out like I want them to? What if we rested in the arms of someone who’s not asking us to, someone who knows the names and has plans for the lives that will be saved- If we’ll just trust and let them be saved.

What if this is the only opportunity we are given to voice what the majority of us believes.  A life is a life when the Lord speaks it into being.  No matter how it was created.  No matter what it means to those who will be inconvenienced by it. 

I’m not surprised at the opposition to the Personhood Amendment.  The Evil One has got a lot to lose if it passes.  It’s up to him to plant seeds of doubt.  It’s up to him to cause division over something that is at it’s core very simple.  It’s up to him to convince followers of Christ to believe him and spread his message.  I’m not surprised but it doesn’t make it any harder to watch.  There’s a story about a young man who was graduating from college.  His father was very wealthy and he just knew he’d receive the expensive sports car that he’d been lusting after as a gift.  He went to visit his father after graduation and was presented with a small box.  He opened, a little confused, and out fell a Bible.  He threw the Bible down and stormed out, angry that his father had withheld the one thing he’d asked for.  His anger was so great that he never spoke to his father again.  Years later when he went to clean out his father’s home after his death, he found the Bible in his father’s office.  He thumbed through it and a key fell out.  The key to the car he’d wanted with a tag saying “paid in full”. 

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, this amendment is what we’ve prayed for for years.  Please don’t discard it because the wrapping isn’t what we expected. 

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acbrandon said...

Thank you for writing this. Everyone has become so consumed with what ifs about this but what we're doing is giving innocent lives a voice.

You're right about the evil one getting in the way of simple faith. So many of the non-supporters of this amendment are so focused on the "reasons" this is not a good idea. I believe the Lord works in mysterious ways and He will prevail in helping us make the right decisions with this legislation.

Doctors will take care of us and His grace will prevail.