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2 Peter 3:18

Sunday, November 06, 2011

I'm Back...I think.

Okay so I've clearly been on a huge blog hiatus.  It was a very busy summer followed by an equally busy fall.  I feel like we're digging out of the newly home from Korea fog, we're settling into having someone at school ALL day, juggling two fall sports, and figuring out our new normal.  So it's time to recap.  No.  I will not do it in one post.  Instead I'll be doing it post by post- I'd like to say one a day, but we all know it will be more like 12 one day and none for 3 more, so we'll see what happens!  They also will be in no particular order- sort of like my brain right now!  We are busy, our hands are full, but they are full of wonderful things.  Like two girls trying to share one mom's mirror.  Enjoy...

PS- my return to regular blogging also marks 500 posts!!  WOW!

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