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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

June 2011- A Few of Eliza Grace's Firsts

First trip to the Science Museum:

Kinda fun...
Kind of a disaster!

First Swim:

Verdict:  Swimming is AWESOME, ice cream is even better!
Eliza Grace LOVED swimming.  She was quickly counting and jumping off the side, going under, and coming up smiling.  This lead to Miller have a little jealousy, so she began jumping off the side & was swimming by the end of the summer.

First Korean-American friend (who also made it here through Holt):

 She steals snacks
 Makes a mean pretend bulgogi
She's not too bad.  We miss you Evelyn!

First baseball season:

 Verdict:  While Wilson is VERY cool

Big Daddy is much more entertaining!

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