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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Thankful Day 9

If you're on facebook, you know there's a wave of people doing a daily post of what they are thankful for in preparation for Thanksgiving.  I have joined this group and am truly enjoying making conscious recognition of my many, many blessings.  I intend to mostly keep my "thankfuls" to quick thoughts that easily fit in a status box...maybe at the end of the month I'll compile a complete list and make a full blog post.  That being said, today's needed more time and attention.  So here goes.

In case you are not a fellow Mississippian (or possibly you are and live in a hole) we were presented with the historic opportunity to stand up for life and define a person as the life that begins at conception.  Unfortunately Satin was on his best game and the lies and misconceptions and scare tactics surrounding this amendment won out.  As one facebooker said, "Education in this state does indeed rank last among humanity."  It's unbelievable the things said & believed that prevented our state, one that holds traditional, family values among the highest in the nation, from approving this.  I had to pray that I would not see "the face of the 'no' movement" today as dropped Miller off.  I AM MAD.  I'm heartbroken.  I'm in disbelief.  I'm in no place mentally or spiritually to even pass her by in the hall silently- most of my day will be spent in prayer over my heart and attitude (feel free to join me- I need all the help I can get!)

What is there to be thankful for?!

Today I am thankful for a woman a half a world away.  One that I will in all likelihood never meet.  One that faced social ostracizing, possible loss of family, loss of the potential to get married should she ever spill her secret.  One that chose to live in agony for months on end.  One who made mistakes.  One who put the life of an unborn child ahead of her comfort, ahead of her need to "move on and put the past behind her".  One who gave our daughter the name Grace.  I'm crying as I type this- I'm not sure I've ever cried for her like this.  I felt her pain as I touched her fingerprint on the papers releasing Eliza Grace to the care of the Korean government.  I looked for her in every woman's face as I walked the streets of Seoul and EG's birth city.  She's in my thoughts often.  But today I am thrust in the face of all she had to endure to bring our baby girl into this world.  Make no mistake- she's no saint and is certainly not perfect. But when the time came to put it on the line, she stood up.  She stood and selflessly chose to do things this great "generous" state of Mississippi is boldly saying don't really matter and that if we're going er, let's er on the side of convenience.  This mama bear is ready to attack- anyone with me!?

If you are... I ask that you pass this criteria.  That you be a Christian (and with that I assume you are pro life).  Not a Sunday only "christian", not a Christmas and Easter "christian", not a "I live in the Bible Belt so I must be" "christian".  I mean a "ready to lay down my life and follow" Christian.  A "life is going to be hard, but I was promised nothing else" Christian.  A "I've read the Bible and believe every word to be eternally true" Christian.  Still with me?  Good.  Now I want you take a good, hard, honest look at adoption.  If you are truly a Christian and truly pro life ask yourself what is holding you back from filling out an application.  I urge you to go to or or one of the many other advocates out there. Allow your heart to be broken, allow it to fall in love with one of the faces you see, allow it be so filled with faith in our Almighty Creator that you will no longer let fears and doubts planted by Satan to stand between you and that face.  Being a pro life Christian doesn't end at stopping abortion, it follows through to ensure life beyond poverty, orphanages, and foster care for those who are born.  Go.  NOW!

(above is a handful that have grabbed my heart- unfortunately my family can't bring them all home.  These children are all waiting in various Asian countries, they are various ages, and in various degrees of health.  If none of these is crying to you, there are literally MILLIONS more to listen for in your state, country, and around the world)

You're still here!?  You must have a really, really good reason ;)  If there's just no way you could adopt- you have more kids than your state will allow, your too old (and I mean really too old- could you be the mom/dad to a teenager- they are out there and NEED a home), or are on your deathbed- what are you doing to get these little faces connected with their families.  Are you praying?  Are you advocating?  Are you caring for them while they wait?  Are you visiting them?  Are you helping fund someone's adoption?  Are you supporting a family newly home with their baby/child?  What are you waiting for?!

Day 9b:  I'm thankful that you've read this far.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to speak my mind.  I'm thankful that maybe, just maybe I won't scratch any one's eyes out- y'all are praying for me right!?


mary leigh said...

love this. from start to finish i love it!
and i also LOVE the four sweet babies you picked!!!

April said...

This is awesome! I'd like to repost on my blog if you don't mind???

Alison said...

Girl, I LOVE it!!! I am with you!!!

Heather Brummett said...

Love this! Perfectly said. I'd also love to post a link to this entry on my blog as well if you don't mind!

Chicago Millers said...

Thank you Maggie! I feel your thankfulness and would love a little girl of my own. God chose to give me the strapping boys so I will need to borrow yours. It is so true that we can all adopt and we can all give finically to a couple that is wanting to. Both are needed! I thank the Lord with you that we share wonderfully strong women who had someone mentoring them not to abort and someone who helped them carry these precious lives to term. God has a home for each one. It only takes action. Love you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lovely!!! what sweet faces.