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2 Peter 3:18

Monday, November 12, 2007

Everything Dear to Me is Packed in a Liquor Box

That sort of sums things up. The move is looking more and more official around here. We're down to ketchup and milk only in the fridge, a few can of veggies in the pantry and our dust bunnies to keep us company around the house. That is until you get to Wilson's room. I still haven't braved packing his things. This morning he noticed that I had packed all the den toys. We both had a bit of a melt down as I tried once again to explain that in a few days this house won't be our house anymore so we have to pack all our things so they'll be with us at the new house. We're reading The Bernstain Bears Moving Day to help with the transition. "The bears didn't always live in their tree house down sunny dirt road . . ." It actually fits our situation quite nicely because, little known fact, the Bear family had to do a bit of fixing up around the tree house before it was just perfect. Their new house also has an upstairs & a downstairs, like our new house, which is of much greater interest to Wilson. His only comment on the "fixing up" is that our new house is stinky. I've assured him we're having it cleaned and then we'll paint and that should take care of it smelling different from our current home. We'll see. I still get choked up every time we get to the page when they've put the last box onto the truck and they are looking into their empty cave. I'm not looking forward to taking that last look into our empty cave- we've had a great time in this house. But, it is time to move on and put some love into a new one. Please pray for us as we complete this process. Oh, and send some potpourri.


Anonymous said...

This about makes me want to cry! What a bittersweet transition in your lives right now. You're all in our thoughts and prayers. Love you lots! P2

Ragan said...

We read that same book to our boys when we moved over here. It actually helped Walker understand the what was going on and make the transition easier for him. And he still wants to read it every night ;-)
Good luck with the move!