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Friday, July 11, 2008

6 months!

Everybody says it, but I'm going to repeat it anyway . . . I can't believe she's already 6 months old- where has the time gone?! It really seems like we just brought her home. She still seems new and I still don't really feel like I know her yet. I guess that is the challenge of parenting any children after the first. I didn't ever think about the fact that I'd still be a first time parent after I had my second child. I think I thought I'd be able to pay attention more to the baby stuff because it wouldn't be so new and I wouldn't be worried about doing everything right, but instead it's just been a blurr in the background as I've tried to make sure everyone is somewhat clean and fed occasionally. The truth is, we're still learning the ropes of parenthood and poor Wilson has to be the guinea pig as we go along. And while we're old hat at bottles, diapers, paci's, and onesies we're still fresh off the showroom floor on preschool, persnicketyness, snarkiness, making new friends, and raising a child in general. Even when he's 18 and we're sending him off to college, we'll still be first time parents. I'll wonder if we bought enough socks and sheets at WalMart and worry about whether he'll be able to find his way around okay. Will I even notice that Miller has finished junior high? Somehow I don't think she'll let me miss it. I just hope I can learn to pay more attention the moments in between the milestones. As for now, they both still smile when they see me, so maybe I haven't made them completely crazy yet- or maybe they're just humoring me.

The pictures above are from this morning. She wasn't exactly Miss Personality while I videoed her, so I decided to add the photos of when she started playing after the camera was off. After the 6 month video (and, yes, I'm 4 days late making it!) is one of her playing her favorite game . . .

someone needs to teach her that when hiding, it's generally a good idea not to squeal and kick your feet- it's a dead give away

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Beth said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday Baby Miller!!!