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Thursday, July 24, 2008

"...And This Bird You Can Not 'Cage'..."

Miller has apparently developed an aversion to bars. She has begun crying every time you put her down in her bed and doesn't stay asleep for very long. One night I went up and when she couldn't get settled I just laid her down with me on the down mattress topper, perma-pallet I have set up in her room to camp out on for when I have to go up in the middle of the night and decide I'm too tired to safely take on the decent back down the stairs. She slept there until almost 8 o'clock the next morning (she's usually up around 5). So, when it came time to take her morning nap, I put her back down on the pallet. She slept for 3 hours. I had to wake her up later from her afternoon nap when we were nearing the 2 hour mark and we had places to go! The next day she repeated the same thing. So, I stole the extra mattress pad and a twin bottom sheet from Wilson and this is now apparently her new resting place. FREE BIRD!


Anonymous said...

Seriously! It might be a record for the earliest crib to bed for an infant! I love it! Mostly, I love that you were creative and got to sleep until 8! Have a great weekend. Aunt Ash

The Kosko Family said...

that is hilarious!!! she is a mess.....i need to try that if it would help caroline sleep all night!!!!!

laura said...

hey, i'm all for whatever works! sounds like you found the secret!!