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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Cutest Little Town in Carburetor County

Here's what Wilson and I have been doing today . . .
He pulled out this book and noticed the "track" on the cover. Mom I want to build that track. Oh. Good. A completely over complicated and precarious car track built out things that we actually have in our house so there's no good reason I can come up with for us to not try it. (Except that you'll attempt to play with it once, it will all fall down, and you'll scream) Okay, Wilson, I'll get your box of blocks, you bring down your train tracks.

This is the town we came up with

Flo's V8 cafe- note the V on top

Mini Sally at the Cozy Cone Motel

Luigi and Guido at the Casa De La Tires (and roundhouse)

Guido is fixing a train car under the careful supervision of Luigi

Mater's shack and Chuki's (the Japanese reporter's) chic flat

Red (and wanna be Red) at the fire station complete with statue of Stanley

Sheriff's police station

Doc came to visit and split into multiple personalities (regular Doc, McDonald's Happy Meal & completely out of scale Doc, and pit crew Doc) Also pictured are a police car, policeman action figure, and a chimney sweep action figure- have I mentioned I finally got a chimney sweep to come- no more squirrels, yea!! (and a free chimney sweep toy straight off the last barge of lead paint filled toys from Hong Kong) We're super excited.

The "El"

The zoo and zoo keeper- we feature habitats as close to those found in nature as possible for all our animals

Exhibit A of natural habitats- the monkey cage

The "Ice Area" of the zoo- home to the polar bear and Yettie Truck

And last, but not least, a home for the many faces of Lightning

("Sparkly, Dirt Track, and Regular")

In case you're wondering, I have no make up on, Wilson's still in his pajamas, it's 2:30 and we haven't eaten lunch, and I've responded to two screams of "it fell, it fell" twice during this post. Miller's taking a nap now, but she was surprisingly entertained with our construction while she sat in her swing and gnawed on a snail teething ring.

Wup . . . Make that three screams . . .


Chicago_or_Bust said...

I'm exhausted looking at that all-day project!

Uncle Clark

BTW, here is Jamie and Justin's blog site for pics of Aiden...

Pat Pat said...

Oh my goodness! I hope Wilson isn't expecting me to replicate this tomorrow while we're together! This is definitely impressive!! No doubt it did entertain Millie!

laura said...

so cute. what a great mama you are!

Anonymous said...

You win mom of the day in my book! You have to be one of the most creative people I have ever met when it comes to entertaining your children! I have so much to learn from you! Now, why didn't you tell me I was interrupting this when I called today:) You rock! Love, Ashley

Tyler & Chase's Mommy said...

Can I say MOM OF THE YEAR!!! You are too much! I love it! PJ's all day, is always a good sign of plenty of fun! (usually)!

The kiddos are adorable!

Beth said...

This is fantastic...wish Bubber could see it! You've surely graduated from trimming lace collars on gingerbread girls! Save these pictures. You may need them for your resume' one day! Granna